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Black Friday Weekend: Get Tutanota Five Months for Free

Upgrade between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get a 37.5% reduction for the year compared to monthly payments.

Celebrate with us and get Tutanota Premium and Pro five months for free! Use this great opportunity and unlock lots of extra features for your encrypted mailbox, such as unlimited search, smart filters, alias email addresses, custom domain support, and more. This is the perfect opportunity to move your custom domain emails to Tutanota to ensure that your emails are no longer as public as postcards, but instead as secure as sealed letters.

Get Premium & Pro five months for free between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Tutanota is a community-driven project, and to celebrate our brand-new email client and apps, we want to give back to our awesome community, who helps us by translating Tutanota, by finding bugs and by conducting security reviews of our open source code.

Upgrade your Tutanota email account between and Black Friday and Cyber Monday (12am PST) with a yearly plan! You will automatically get a reduction of 37,5% compared to the monthly plan, which equals five months for free. After the first year, you will keep benefiting as all Tutanota's yearly plans come with two free months.

Screenshot Secure Email Client: Write Email

New email client: fast, secure, beautiful

Tutanota's new email client and apps come with amazing speed and design, new features such as full-text search on encrypted data, secure password reset, two-factor authentication, a dark theme, auto-sync and lots of usability improvements.

Our completely rebuilt email client makes the transitioning from privacy-invading email services to Tutanota - the secure email service with encryption by default - as easy as can be. Join the millions of Tutanota users to make sure that your emails are no longer as public as postcards, but instead as secure as sealed letters.

Upgrade your Tutanota account to enjoy lots of extra features

  • extended search feature

  • smart filtering for your encrypted mailbox

  • add aliases to your main Tutanota account

  • add your custom domain(s) with the option to use catch-all

  • whitelabel Tutanota for your business

  • login via your own website

  • add an encrypted contact form to your website

  • manage all Tutanota users for your business

  • GDPR-compliant email service

Our Premium and Pro users have turned Tutanota into a sustainable success enabling us to constantly grow our team and add more features to Tutanota. We do not use or sell your data. Thus, we rely on our paying users to improve Tutanota further.

Make use of this special offer right now, and be proud to support Tutanota