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Feature List: Development achievements of your secure email service Tutanota.

2018-10-17 / Updated 2022-03-10
Tutanota is an innovative end-to-end encrypted email service that takes your privacy seriously. With the built-in encryption only you can access your data. Tutanota comes as a secure webmail client along with open source Android & iOS apps and desktop clients. We continuously improve Tutanota so stay tuned for upcoming features!

At Tutanota, every member of our development team is very passionate about privacy, security and open source. We work on Tutanota not just because it is a job, but because it is very fulfilling to work on someting with a meaning: We work on a product that enables everyone to protect their private data and with every new user who joins Tutanota, we feel like this is another tiny victory against surveillance capitalism.

We understand that we still have a long way to go until we can fully match the product of surveillance capitalists such as Google or Microsoft, but our development progress in recent years has made great leaps so that we are ready to scale Tutanota to new levels!

Achieved milestones

  • In 2014 we published the fully encrypted Tutanota email client, iOS and Android apps.
  • In 2015 we introduced first paid features such as custom domain support.
  • In 2017 we published a completely new version of Tutanota with better speed & design.
  • In 2018 we published the Tutanota desktop clients for Linux, Mac OS and Windows in beta.
  • In 2019 we published the beta version of the encrypted calendar and started compressing emails to give you more storage space.
  • In 2021 we pushed the Tutanota desktop clients out of beta after an extensive security review.
  • In 2021 we completed a first prototype for updating our encryption to post-quantum secure algorithms.
  • Currently we are working on offline mode so that you can access your encrypted mailbox also when not connected to the internet.

Best in class security

Here are the most important features that make Tutanota's security unrivaled:

Our goal with Tutanota is to make security easily accessible to everyone. That's why we strongly focus on usability and convenience. The entire encryption process runs in the background, and you can use Tutanota as easily as any email service.

You can use Tutanota with absolute certainty that you will never pay with your data.

Some features in Tutanota are only available to paying users. With every upgrade (starting at 1 Euro per month), you support us and our mission to bring privacy to the world! Thank you.

Implemented Features

Upcoming Features

  • Support FIDO U2F for mobile apps
  • Add email subfolders
  • Default email app on iOS
  • Sender name per alias
  • Enable search in calendar
  • Enable offline usage
  • Enable import of emails
  • Single click email export
  • Enable shared email accounts
  • Conversation view
  • Push encrypted calendar out of beta
  • Add payment support for cryptocurrencies
  • Better contact integration on iOS / Android
  • Add Autocrypt support
  • Full unicode emoji support
  • Add Tor onion service
  • Enable sending group emails
  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • Protection against email bombs

You can always check the Tutanota Roadmap to see what we are currently working on.