Development Roadmap 2016 of the Secure Mail Service Tutanota

Two years after our first beta release of Tutanota, we are now close to reaching one million users! This motivates us to work even harder on adding all kinds of usability features to the secure email service Tutanota. Read our development roadmap for 2016, an encrypted calendar included.

Tutanota is a secure email service that takes your privacy seriously. With the built-in encryption only you can access your data. With Tutanota we want to give people a chance to keep their private communication private. We believe that online privacy is a basic necessity in any democracy. As this article explains, political change is only possible if people are allowed to think freely. Intrusive surveillance can cut any political discussion short before it has even started.

This is why we keep fighting for privacy with technology. While we can't protect people from targeted surveillance, Tutanota's automatic encryption is perfect to stop illegal mass surveillance.

Development Roadmap for 2016

We have many features on our list to improve Tutanota. While we have already achieved a lot since our first beta release of Tutanota two years ago, here is what we plan to implement during the course of 2016:

  • add an encrypted calendar
  • implement search in encrypted data
  • add Bitcoin support for upgrading to Premium (possibly also add Monero support)
  • add multi-selection of emails for desktop
  • add storage
  • automatic synchronization between all devices
  • add 2-factor authentication
  • add contact import
  • add conversation view

This is a very ambitious feature list for our small development team of currently three developers. That's why we plan to double our development team in the coming months. We are currently looking for developers to join our team.

Go Premium for 1 Euro per month

This growth of our team has only become possible due to our recent release of Premium features. We allow users to upgrade to Premium for only 1 Euro per month. The moderate price has convinced thousands of our users to upgrade already so that we are now able to pay more developers. All in all, we are very optimistic that we will be able to realize our ambitious plan for 2016!

One of the reasons why Tutanota is so successful is that - instead of overloading Tutanota with features - we listen closely to our users and regularly ask them what they wish to be developed next. Everybody who needs more features in Tutanota can vote here.

We want to thank all our users for their continuous support!

Have a great year 2016,
your TutanotaTeam

Free your data from mass spying!

and get your encrypted mailbox for free now.

Arne is co-founder and developer of Tutanota. I fight for privacy because that’s the cornerstone of freedom and democracy.

Posted on: 2016-02-04