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Release Notes: Calendar invites are here!

Invite people to events directly from your encrypted calendar in the Tutanota client.

We're happy to announce that we have completed the calendar invites feature! You can now invite anyone to an event that you created in your encrypted calendar - even people who are not using Tutanota (yet)! While the Tutanota Calendar is completely encrypted end-to-end for security reasons, the calendar still supports the .ics standard so that you can invite outsiders to your events directly from the Tutanota client.

How calendar invites work

The new invites feature in Tutanota supports the iCalendar standard for sharing calendar events so that you can share your events with anyone, also with people who are not using Tutanota.

This interoperability lets you share your event with everyone while your encrypted calendar in Tutanota is still protected with end-to-end encryption. Recipients can click to accept the events and automatically add them to their calendars even if they use Google's or Apple's calendars.

Encrypted calendar invites

You can even share the events encrypted to ensure confidentiality. With other Tutanota users, encryption is applied automatically, of course. For all other users, you can use the padlock symbol to encrypt the invite email. If you choose to do this, you need to set a password to external recipients similarly to sending an encrypted email to an external recipient.

Then the recipient gets a notification email, which lets them open the event in the Tutanota client after entering the pre-shared password. From there, they can export the event and import it to their own calendar. However, the events shared via an encrypted email with an external recipient are not added automatically to the recipient's calendar. This is a protection measure to make sure that a confidential event is not leaked to a Google Calendar by accident.

Development process

When developing the invite feature, we experimented a lot until we got the final design ready for publication.

Here is a first draft of our new invite feature:

First draft of the calendar invites feature.

And this how the invite feature looks now, the final version:

Final design of the calendar invites feature.

Plus, if you look closely, ice cream Tuesday has moved to Monday. Mark your calendars! :)

Important: Ice cream day has moved to Monday!.