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Encrypted emails are constantly rising: 66% of Tutanota emails are end-to-end encrypted

Encryption is our best option to stop illegal mass surveillance. Tutanota shows that everyone will use encryption - if it is automatically applied.

Tutanota enables everyone to send an encrypted email as easily as a standard email. We believe that only with this level of simplicity, email encryption will become massively adopted. And the numbers prove us right: To date, two thirds of all emails sent from Tutanota users were protected with end-to-end encryption.

Email encryption must be as easy as possible

One of our aims at Tutanota is to fight mass surveillance. End-to-end encryption for emails is one of the most important tools to reach this goal.

We at Tutanota are proud that we enable millions of users around the world to encrypt two thirds of their emails automatically. This is a rise of 6% compared to 2018 and a rise of almost 30% compared to 2015. Back then, one year after we released Tutanota, only 37% of emails sent from Tutanota were end-to-end encrypted.

No reason not to encrypt

By using Tutanota, everyone encrypts their emails. Even people who are not that interested in protecting their privacy automatically encrypt their emails to other Tutanota users. There is simply no reason anymore to let the spies look into your mailbox while you can have exactly the same email experience with automatic encryption.

Maybe this is the biggest success of Tutanota: We don't need to convince you to trade in convenience for security. With Tutanota you'll get both.

Tutanota takes away the hassle by automating the encryption process. This makes it so easy that you don't even notice that you are emailing end-to-end encrypted. This high level of convenience leads to entire families or groups of friends signing up.

Of course, we can't really know this because we - as well as other third parties - can't read your emails or your contacts. But people tell us how they made their entire family sign up when they send emails to our support team. The tone of these emails makes us smile time and time again: They are so happy that finally they have found a way to communicate securely with family and friends.

Encryption to fight mass surveillance

We are very happy that the percentage of end-to-end encrypted emails is constantly rising. This makes our online communication as a whole much more secure as we make it harder for the spies to monitor everything.

Mass surveillance by corporations and governments alike is an intrusion on everybody's right to privacy so it needs to stop.

If we only encrypt sensitive emails, we make it way too easy for secret services and malicious attackers to pin down potential whistleblowers as well as investigative journalists and human rights activists via their email metadata. To stop mass surveillance online, end-to-end encryption must be the default, not the exception.

If secret services deny to change their habits, we have to change ours!

Check our email encryption guide to learn how easy encrypting emails with Tutanota really is.

Encrypted emails to anyone

Tutanota also enables people to send end-to-end encrypted emails to other email providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, Outlook, Fastmail, Posteo, Hushmail, Startmail, and by securing the emails with a password.

Time for businesses and authorities to follow suit

Users tell us that while it is now very easy to encrypt emails to their friends and family, they find it a real paradox that the most important emails - emails to their financial adviser, their lawyer, their local authority - are much harder, if not impossible, to sufficiently secure with end-to-end encryption.

However, this will also change as since the GDPR came into effect, we are seeing more and more businesses switching to our automatically encrypted and GDPR-compliant email service.

Tutanota enables businesses not only to easily secure their email communication, but also to save time and money. As Tutanota automatically encrypts all data end-to-end, it puts the business in full control of their data. For the first time, businesses can move their mailboxes into the cloud without the common trade-off in data sovereignty they would have to make with mainstream, unencrypted email providers.

If you are a business interested in Tutanota, check out all features of our secure business email.

Free forever

To make sure everyone can use encrypted emails, Tutanota will always offer a free email address to citizens around the world.

That is our small, but important contribution to make this world a better place. Let's all fight against mass surveillance:

Encrypt every email.