Get 5 Extra Aliases with Today's Computer Bild

All Tutanota users - Premium or Free - can get five additional aliases with today's edition of the German magazine Computer Bild. Soon we will also release alias packages so that everybody can add as many aliases as necessary.

If you urgently need more aliases for your Tutanota account, you can now get them with Computer Bild 6/2016 (promotion code only in the "+Software/CD/DVD" version). The aliases can be added to one or several users of your account.

We will soon - probably a few weeks after Easter - launch very affordable alias packages that can be added to any Free or Premium account with a yearly or monthly subscription.

Stay tuned for future updates and promotions: Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

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Bernd develops and designs Tutanota, always with its security in mind. In our digital age all-round surveillance has become alarmingly easy. I write code to protect our data from today's Orwellian threats.

Posted on: 2016-03-05