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Sign up for your free email account now: open source & free from ads.

Free email usually comes at a price: Unwanted ads and abuse of user data. This makes more and more people look for alternatives. Tutanota is a free email service with a deep respect for your right to privacy. Make the switch today and you will see that free email can be secure, fast and beautiful.

What makes Tutanota a truly free email service

Online you will find innumerable free email services. Yet, Tutanota is the only one that sets you truly free:

  • Free email with 1 GB of free storage
  • Absolutely no ads
  • Tutanota offers not only free, but also open source emails
  • Tutanota uses built-in encryption to protect your data from abuse

With its automatic encryption, Tutanota gives you the freedom of using a cloud email service - without giving away any of your personal data.

Free, not free as in beer

Tutanota focuses on security, privacy and open source to keep your private emails safe. Tutanota will forever come as a free basic version because we believe that everyone deserves to protect their emails from prying eyes.

Nonetheless, as Tutanota does not harvest your data or post targeted advertisements, we offer an open source freemium service. As our paying users keep the service running and pay for the developers, who improve Tutanota on a daily basis, special features are reserved to Premium and Pro users.

Join the exclusive club by upgrading for only €1 per month.

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