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Let's celebrate: It's I Love Free Software Day!

On Valentine's Day we are saying 'Thank you' to all open source developers out there.

On Valentine's Day we'd like to thank all free software developers who contributed to Tutanota. You are essential for improving Tutanota constantly. Today we are hosting an I Love Free Software Day to show our love for open source software and open source developers.

Free Software Day

Today we are hosting an I Love Free Software Day at our offices in Hanover. Since the development of our calendar, you all know how much we love ice cream. Now we invite everyone in the area to our offices for free ice cream! Get to know us, have a chat and discuss your most wanted features for Tutanota. The full invitation was sent to you via email. 😉

Giving back on Valentine's Day

The I Love Free Software Day was initiated by the Free Software Foundation Europe to thank all free software developers. As Tutanota is open source as well, lots of developers around the world have contributed to our open source email project. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed: You help us build an even better Tutanota every day. If you are interested in helping us as well, please check our GitHub repository and our job posting.

Open source guarantees security

Open source guarantees that no one can hide an encryption backdoor in the code. That's why we have published the entire client code - web client, Android & iOS apps, desktop clients - under GPLv3 on GitHub.

Only with open source, tech-savvy people can audit the code and verify that Tutanota is doing what we promise: Protecting your private data to the maximum.

Tutanota dependencies

On I Love Free Software Day we would also like to thank all free software developers who are working on the following projects:

We use these projects to build and run Tutanota. So here goes a big "Thank you!" to the open source community who helps us realising Tutanota.

I love free sotware.