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Premium makes Tutanota even better. Hidden features in your Tutanota mailbox.

Read here how you benefit by upgrading to Premium for €1 per month.

2018-07-02 / Updated: 2019-03-06
Tutanota is a secure freemium email service that protects your data with built-in encryption. We make sure that you can store your emails and contacts securely encrypted in Tutanota. While you can easily access your encrypted emails on every device, nobody else can spy on your data. This high level of security is only possible because of people valuing their right to privacy by going Premium. As a Premium user, you benefit from a lot of extra features. Keep reading to find out more!

Tutanota is an encrypted email service to make sure no one can access your private data. We respect your right to privacy by offering a secure and open source email service that puts you in charge of your data.

We do not use or sell your data. Thanks to our Premium users we were able to turn Tutanota into a sustainable success allowing us to constantly grow our team and add more features to Tutanota.

In addition, Tutanota has become a green email service so with Tutanota you can protect not only your data, but also the environment.

Great features await you!

We are constantly adding features that are exclusively reserved for Premium users. Go Premium now to unlock these features in your encrypted mailbox:

  • Use extended and unlimited search on encrypted data.

  • Use smart filtering for your encrypted mailbox.

  • Add aliases to your main Tutanota account.

  • Add your custom domain & activate catch-all.

  • Customize (whitelabel)* Tutanota for your business.

  • Whitelabel feature: Login via your own website*.

  • Add Secure Connect*, an encrypted contact form to your website.

  • Manage all Tutanota users for your business.

  • Combine several Tutanota addresses in one account.

  • Get Tutanota Premium for free for your NPO.

*Whitelabel and Secure Connect are optional extensions to the Premium plan.

Security features that make Tutanota stand out

By making sure that all your data is always end-to-end encrypted, only you own your data. Tutanota's automatic encryption enables you to use the benefits of the cloud - availability, accessibility, cost-efficiency, automatic back-up - without ever giving up on data sovereignty or security.

On top of the built-in encryption, Tutanota's secure password reset and innovative search on encrypted data are just two important features that make sure that no third party - not even we - can gain access to your data.

Here are the most important features that make Tutanota's security unrivaled:

  • End-to-end encrypted mailbox

  • End-to-end encrypted address book

  • Automatic end-to-end encrypted emails between users

  • End-to-end encrypted emails to any email address via a password

  • Secure password reset that gives us absolutely no access

  • Full-text search of encrypted data executed locally

  • TLS with support of PFS, DMARC, DKIM, DNSSEC and DANE

  • Secure desktop clients for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

  • GDPR-compliant email service with built-in encryption

  • We also recommend you to read our email security guide to learn how Tutanota keeps your emails safe from hackers.

Detailed description of all Premium and Pro features in Tutanota

Extended search feature

Search on encrypted data is a challenge because we can't use standard search features that are executed on the server. For our fast and secure full-text search feature, Tutanota creates a search index that is stored encrypted on your device. Then the search is executed locally on your device as well so that the server never sees your data or your search queries.

This smart implementation of encrypted search causes more traffic and puts a heavier load on our servers than standard server-side search. For this reason, search in free Tutanota mailboxes is limited to searching one month into the past. With Premium you can easily search your entire mailbox as well as narrow the search with filters (period of time, field, folders) to get even better results.

How do I search my Tutanota mailbox?

To search you can use the shortcut F or click on the search field in the top menu bar left to the Settings entry 'Emails'.

Simply enter your search query into the search field. When you are searching your emails, you can click on any offered search result. This will take you to a more detailed search mask (Premium feature). You can define the time from - to, the field, and the folders that should be searched.

Please note: You can only search emails and contacts, thus, the search field is not shown when you are browsing the 'Settings' of your mailbox.

Smart filtering for your encrypted mailbox

Premium enables you to define inbox rules to filter your emails automatically to specific folders when they hit your inbox. You can filter incoming emails based on 'Sender', 'To recipient', 'Cc recipient', 'Bcc recipient', 'Subject contains', or 'Header contains'.

How can I use inbox rules to filter emails?

When you are in the 'Emails' view of your encrypted Tutanota mailbox, you can click on the sender of an email. A pop-up opens that gives you the option to 'Show contact', 'Add inbox rule' and 'Add spam rule'. Click on 'Add inbox rule'. A pop-up with three options opens: 'Field', 'Value' and 'Target folder'.

  • Field: Click on the pen symbol to define what field should be used for the inbox rule 'Sender', 'To recipient', 'Cc recipient', 'Bcc recipient', 'Subject contains', or 'Header contains'.
  • Value: You can enter text such as an email address, a domain name or required content of the subject or header. Refer to ‘1. Login, Shortcuts & header info’ to learn how to view the header of an email in Tutanota.
  • Target folder: Click the pen symbol to define what folder the specified emails should be moved to automatically upon hitting your inbox.

Alternatively you can go to 'Settings' → 'Email' → 'Inbox rules'. Click on 'Show Inbox Rules' and then on the plus-button. The same pop-up as described above opens.

Add aliases to your main Tutanota account

Email aliases are additional email addresses that you can use with the same mailbox without having to switch your login. You can use aliases to set up different email addresses for different purposes (e.g. personal, work, etc.).

Premium enables you to add 5 aliases to your mailbox. If you need more aliases, you can also add alias packages to your Premium mailbox. Alias packages can be shared among all users of your Tutanota account.

How can I add aliases to Tutanota?

Go to 'Settings' → 'Email' → 'Email aliases': Click on 'Show Email Aliases'. Click on the plus symbol to add aliases. A pop-up opens where you can type the alias you want to add. Click on the three-dot button to choose the domain for your alias. This can be any of the Tutanota domains or of your own domains that you have added to your Tutanota account.

Please note: Aliases with a Tutanota domain can only be disabled, but not removed. Deactivated aliases must remain linked to your account in case you want to activate them again in the future. When you are using your own domain with Tutanota, you can delete aliases with your own domain and create new ones.

You can change the default sending address to your own domain alias (or any other alias) by changing the default sender in 'Settings' → 'Email' → 'Default Sender'. This will make your alias the default sender. However, the main address of your Tutanota account (name in tab) will remain unchanged.

Custom domain support & catch-all

Premium enables you to add as many custom domains to your encrypted Tutanota mailbox as you like. You can use catch-all for all custom domains added to Tutanota.

How can I use Tutanota with my own domain?

After upgrading, you can easily add as many custom domains to your Tutanota account as you like. You can add your own domains under 'Settings' → 'Global settings' → 'Custom domains'. Our FAQ explains how to configure your own domain.

Whitelabel Tutanota for your business

Whitelabel enables you to use Tutanota with your own branding and to place the login on your own website.

You can set up a login page on your own website based on your own corporate design so that you and your employees don't need to access their encrypted mailboxes via the Tutanota website.

How can I whitelabel Tutanota for my own domain?

Tutanota's whitelabel feature enables you to use Tutanota with your own domain, to place the login to Tutanota on your own website, and to customize logos and colors in the encrypted Tutanota mailbox. You can find details on how to configure whitelabel in our How-to.

The price for whitelabel is €2 per user per month. Find out more about all features you get when you whitelabel your secure Tutanota mailbox for business use.

The Tutanota contact form is a perfect add-on option if you want visitors of your site to contact you confidentially. This is very interesting for all websites that want to easily secure the first point of contact with new customers with automatic end-to-end encryption. Contact requests via the Tutanota contact form will be sent encrypted to your Tutanota mailbox from where you can reply end-to-end encrypted.

How can I add an encrypted Tutanota contact form to my website?

To add the encrypted contact form Secure Connect, please refer to our extensive how-to.

Manage all Tutanota users for your family or business

Tutanota Premium enables you to add as many users to your main Tutanota account as you like. This way you can manage all your family's or your businesses' users easily. With Tutanota you can be sure that your data is always kept private and can only be accessed by your own admins.

Managing several users with your Tutanota account also gives you the advantage of being able to reset the passwords for all your users if needed. While we at Tutanota are not able to reset passwords for security reasons, as a Premium user you can reset passwords for users that you have added to your account.

If you forget your password while still being logged in into your account, you can even add a user and change the user's status to admin. Then the new user can reset the password of the original user. Thus, you yourself can reset your Tutanota password.

In this process, you even keep access to your previous mailbox content because the password secures your private key via an induction. Check out our blog to learn how Tutanota's innovative key handling works.

How can I reset passwords of my users?

To reset the password of a users, please go to 'Settings' → 'User management' with an admin user (usually the main Tutanota account you upgraded with). Click on the user, click on the pen symbol next to 'Password' and enter a new password. The new password can be used immediately.

How can I add users to my Tutanota account?

To add users to your account, go to 'Settings' → 'User management'. Click the plus symbol in the down right corner. A pop-up opens where you can enter the 'Name' of the user, his 'Email address' and a 'New password' for logging in.

In contrast to aliases, additional users have a separate mailbox with their own login details. Each user of your Tutanota account can use Tutanota domains or any of the custom domains that you have added to your Tutanota account.

Users cost €1 per user per month with Premium, or €2 per user per month with Whitelabel.

Combine several Tutanota addresses in one account.

If you have been a long-time Tutanota user, you might by now have several Tutanota mailboxes. As only one free account per person is allowed according to our Terms & Conditions, please combine these in one Premium account. This will enable you to manage all your Tutanota email addresses under one login.

Please upgrade your main Tutanota account to Premium first. When deleting the second (third, fourth, etc.) email account, please enter the email address of your Premium account under 'Unsubscribe'. After deletion you can add the deleted email address as an alias in your Premium Tutanota account.

Please make sure to export important emails from the old accounts first. You will only be able to transfer the email address so that emails to be sent in the future will be received there. Old emails stored in the old account cannot be transferred automatically.

GDPR-compliant email service

Tutanota follows the principles of data minimization & privacy by design as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are responsible for the protection of your personal data, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Therefore

  • Tutanota is based on the data privacy principles "data minimization" and "privacy by design",

  • all user data is stored end-to-end encrypted in Tutanota (except for email addresses of users as well as senders and recipients of emails),

  • we have technical and organizational measures in place which protect your data best possible.

Our built-in encryption and the ability to send an encrypted email to any recipient in the world make Tutanota a perfect option when looking for a secure email service. Under the GDPR, companies must always protect personal data, even when sent via email.

Read this article to learn how Tutanota can help you to always send GDPR-compliant emails.

Get Tutanota Premium for free for your NPO

At Tutanota we believe that we can turn the Internet into a better place by stopping illegal mass surveillance with automatic end-to-end encryption. Our passion for everybody's right to privacy is strong, and we want to give something back to the community.

We have partnered with Stifter-helfen and tech-soup to enable non-profits to use Tutanota Premium for free. Please check our FAQ to find out whether your non-profit matches the criteria.

If your NPO does not qualify for the software donation via Stifter-helfen or tech-soup, you can get Tutanota Premium, whitelabel and our encrypted contact form Secure Connect at half price. Please contact us directly.

You can find more details about the special offer for non-profits on our blog.

Thank you all for your amazing support

In 2015, we have published our first Premium version of Tutanota. One month after this, we had already reached break-even due to an immense support from the Tutanota community.

This support is ongoing, and it enables us to constantly grow our team. We invest all income we generate from selling Tutanota into employing more developers so that we can add more features at a quicker pace in the future.

We thank all our paying users for their amazing support, and we encourage free users who can afford to spend €12 per year to join them. Together we can turn the Internet into a better place and stop mass surveillance!

Thank you.

Tutanota team