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Stop ISPs Spying on You. Why Everyone Should Use Tor or a VPN.

The recent Facebook scandal has alarmed many because of its clear privacy intrusion. However, only a few are concerned about the constant privacy intrusion by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ISPs probably know more about you than you yourself. They can monitor and log every website you ever visited and sell this data to advertisers. Stop the privacy intrusion by ISPs such as Comcast and Verizon. Try a VPN such as Private Internet Access or Tor when going online.

Break the power of ISPs

While everyone is talking about the privacy-intrusion done by Facebook and Google, Internet Service Providers are the true masters of the Internet. We at Tutanota had to realize this ourselves, when Tutanota was temporarily blocked by Comcast, which rendered our site non-accessible to all Comcast users.

The power by ISPs are very likely to grow even further as net neutrality rules are being undermined or even abolished in many countries. Without net neutrality, ISPs can block or throttle certain websites or services.

If you do not want to hand over all the power to the ISPs, there are ways how you can keep your internet history private. Your best option is to access the Internet via the Tor browser or via a virtual private network (VPN).

Use Tor or a VPN such as Private Internet Access (PIA)

After our unhappy Comcast experience, we at Tutanota recommend using Tor or a VPN whenever accessing the Internet.

We like Private Internet Access (PIA) for several reasons:

  • Like Tutanota Private Internet Access comes at very competitive prices (less than €3 per month).

  • Private Internet Access does not keep logs.

  • Private Internet Access plans to open source their code.

Private Internet Access is located in the USA

The only downside is that Private Internet Access is located in the USA. Everyone knows that the USA have very privacy-invading surveillance laws that also apply to VPNs.

If this worries you, we recommend that you use Tor to keep your browsing history private.

However, Private Internet Access says they do not keep logs, and the FBI has complained about this in the past.

Conclusion: Hide your IP Address

Whether you choose Tor or a VPN, it is always a good idea to hide your IP address when surfing the world wide web.