Release Notes 2.2.2: Signatures, Design Improvements and More.

We are very happy to release Tutanota 2.2.2 today! We have added a default signature to all your emails, which you can change to your personal favorite. However, you would do us a great favor if you also kept our statement underneath your emails!

This is what we have done:

  • Users can configure a signature in 'Settings' → 'Email'.
  • Mail address of the logged in user is shown in the browser title.
  • Login and registration page re-design.
  • Tutanota for Outlook and Tutanota Premium administrators can configure a custom logo in 'Settings' → 'Display' which is shown instead of the Tutanota logo for all their users and external recipients.

We have also done some bug-fixing:

  • Fixed a bug where an account was not usable in case of incomplete registration.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

We hope that you share our passion for privacy. Sign up for your own free secure email. Please recommend Tutanota to your friends, in person or via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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Arne is co-founder and developer of Tutanota. I fight for privacy because that’s the cornerstone of freedom and democracy.

Posted on: 2015-10-12