Release Notes 2.3.0: Improved Spam Protection

We are happy to release Tutanota 2.3. You will now find a spam folder in your inbox. This enable us to toughen the spam protection because we don't block spam at the server anymore, thus, giving you full control.

When we first implemented a spam block, we wanted to keep it as convenient to the user as possible so we decided to block spam at the server. However, in doing so we were not able to block all spam to prevent false negatives from being blocked. Now the spam protection is much stronger because spam is moved to your spam folder where you may - in case there might be a false negative - scroll through the folder while keeping your inbox as clean as possible.

With this release we are also enabling Premium users to move email addresses between users and aliases. In case you have created a user accidentally, you can now move this address to an alias.

As always, we also did some bug fixing. :)

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Arne is co-founder and developer of Tutanota. I fight for privacy because that’s the cornerstone of freedom and democracy.

Posted on: 2015-10-23