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Release Notes : Share your encrypted calendar & preparations for Bitcoin payments

With this release you can share your encrypted calendar - not with the world, but with your contacts only.

We are excited to let you know that we have released a major update for Tutanota! You can now share your encrypted calendar wih colleagues, friends or family. We have also switched our booking system so that it works with credit balances, which is an requirement to implement Bitcoin payments.

Share your encrypted Tutanota calendar

With this update, you are now able to share your calendar end-to-end encrypted. As only Premium users can add additional calendars, people you share your calendar with need to use Tutanota Premium.

The sharing feature is a very advanced, technically complicated feature. It is designed as an add-on feature that is not included in the Free or Premium version of Tutanota. Please check the pricing calculator at the end of our pricing page for details.

By booking the sharing feature, you can share multiple calendars with an unlimited number of Tutanota users. Any changes made to the shared calendar are instantly synchronized to everybody you shared the calendar with. Upon sharing, you can set several permissions for the recipient:

  • read only
  • read and write
  • read, write and share

Even when sharing your encrypted calendar, all data included remains securely encrypted, and only the people you shared the calendar with are able to decrypt the data locally on their device.

Technical background

For sharing the encrypted calendar, we use asymmetric encryption. The data is encrypted with a symmetric group key that is encrypted with the public key of each user that the encrypted calendar has been shared with.

This way each user that the calendar has been shared with can decrypt the encrypted calendar while we as the provider remain blind to your zero-knowledge calendar.

Due to the end-to-end encryption, you can not share your Tutanota calendar with outside users. If you want to share your calendar with someone who is not yet using Tutanota, please invite them to our secure email service.

Getting prepared for Bitcoin payments

Along with this update, we are also changing the payment process to a credit balance system. This is a requirement for being able to process Bitcoin payments, which we want to enable in the coming months. Please check our roadmap to see the status on all upcoming features.