Special Offer for Non-Profit Organizations: Secure Your Emails for Free

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) need office tools - just like any other business. However, as they use their time and money not to make profits but to improve our society, they should be able to use these tools for free. That's why we have partnered with Stifter-helfen and tech-soup. Now, NPOs can get Tutanota Premium for free!

Non-profit offer available in Canada, France, Germany and more

We donate our secure email service to non-profit organizations all over the world. This software donation is managed by Stifter-helfen and tech-soup. Please check our FAQ if this donation is available for your organization. Here you will also find a direct link to order Tutanota Premium for free.

Secure emails at half price

Independent from this software donation, non-profit organizations can get Tutanota Premium at half price. As our partners Stifter-helfen and tech-soup are not active in all countries, not all NPOs can benefit from this software donation. If you are an NPO that does not qualify for the software donation and would like to use Tutanota Premium at half price, please contact us directly. Please see our standard prices as reference.

Fight for privacy, secure your mail

We believe that everybody has a need for privacy. Many non-profit organizations need to take extra care in securing their online communication. With Tutanota we enable them to communicate securely, says Noria:

"Noria as an NGO researching international politics including civil wars must protect their emails for obvious reasons. We work directly with people, also in critical situations. We need to have a secure communication channel between our HQ in Paris and our researchers on the ground. On top of that, we need to provide our local contacts with an easy and secure way to share information with us. Tutanota offers us the freedom to operate securely."

Proud to support NPOs around the world

We at Tutanota perceive ourselves as Freedom Fighters. Tutanota's automatic encryption allows everybody to communicate privately online so that no one can spy on your mails. We use technology to fight mass surveillance and illegal spying.

We are very proud that with Tutanota we can support NPOs who fight to improve our lives, our societies and our planet in so many ways. Please check our FAQ to benefit from our free NPO offer via Stifter-helfen or tech-soup or get in touch with us to get Tutanota Premium at half price.

Free your data from mass spying!

and get your encrypted mailbox for free now.

Hanna makes Tutanota come to life. Her credo: Every one of us has the right to express any idea freely, or to keep it secret. Encryption is a great tool to achieve the latter.

Posted on: 2017-08-24