Tutanota and Tor: Security and Privacy Go Hand in Hand

Everybody has the right to whisper. We want that everybody has the right to whisper online as well. That's why your encrypted Tutanota mailbox can also be accessed via the Tor browser - without the need for personally identifiable information such as a phone number.

Tutanota works in all common browsers, Tor is one of them. If you have never used Tor before, please read this interview on how to get started with tor to find out how Tor protects your privacy.

We do not log your IP address

We take your right to privacy seriously. Tutanota does not log your IP address upon signing in. We also strip the IP addresses from emails sent and received for privacy reasons. We aim to protect your right to privacy to the maximum at all times.

Anonymous email service

Tutanota is a truly anonymous email service: You can sign up for your own secure mail account without giving us any personal information. We do not (and will never) ask for a phone number or any other personal information when you register - even when you register via Tor.

We do this because we believe in everybody's right to privacy, and staying anonymous is an essential part of this. Read our post about anonymous email to find out more on how Tutanota protects your right to privacy.

Privacy enhancements

We aim to bring the most secure and most private version of email to your device. That's why Tutanota prevents automatic image loading within an email. Loading external content in an email such as images is a common method by marketers to track you. Make sure to only load images in an email when you trust the sender.

Tutanota also warns you if the technical sender differs from the 'from'-sender. This is important because spoofing the sender is commonly used by scammers. Here you can find out more about Tutanota's hidden features.

Try Private Internet Access

Tor is the best option to allow you secure and anonymous browsing.

In case you do not like the Tor browser, we recommend to try Private Internet Access to keep your browsing data hidden from your Internet Service Provider.

Free your data from mass spying!

and get your encrypted mailbox for free now.

Hanna makes Tutanota come to life. Her credo: Every one of us has the right to express any idea freely, or to keep it secret. Encryption is a great tool to achieve the latter.

Posted on: 2015-04-24 / Updated 2018-06-11