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Results of the Tutanota questionnaire

We have asked your opinion about Tutanota. Here are the results!

For the first time ever, we have asked what you think about Tutanota and thousands of users took part in our questionnaire. Here are the most important results and insights into how these will influence our development!

People around the world are increasingly joining Tutanota, and we wanted to find out what their reason for switching email providers was. Obviously, the most important reason is security. But let's dive into the results:

It is important to me that Tutanota... *This graph shows what is most important to our users.*

The graph shows that our users love that Tutanota is secure, privacy-friendly, open source, has no advertiemsents, is an alternative to Gmail and has affordable prices.

Being a green email service and supporting NGOs is less important to our users, but maybe the only reason for this is that not so many users know about these benefits.

Our users think that Tutanota is.. *Our users think that Tutanota is...*

Most of our users agree that Tutanota is privacy-friendly, secure, easy-to-use and fairly priced. More than two thirds say Tutanota is fast and about half our users say that Tutanota is beautiful. We will invest some more time in making Tutanota even more beautiful so we are very much looking forward to our next questionnaire. :)

It is amazing to see, particularly compared to other email services, how happy our users are with our support. As we only offer direct support to paying users, the following graph is limited to Premium, Teams and Pro users of Tutanota.

Graph hinzufügen We excel in support 87% say support replied quickly, 78% were happy with the reply they got (use PREMIUM numbers only!)

Reason for upgrading

We've also asked our paying users why they decided to pay for their secure email and calendar service Tutanota. The top reasons for upgrading where:

  • "I didn't need to upgrade, but wanted to support this open source project."
  • "I wanted to add aliases."
  • "I wanted to add my own domain."
  • "I wanted to use the advanced search feature."

Missing feature

One of the most important questions to our users is, of course, what features to them are missing in Tutanota. Most people mentioned that they would love to see the following features added to Tutanota:

  • tags / labels (36,7%)
  • conversation view (33,3%)
  • email subfolders (35%)
  • out-of-office notifications (33%)
  • offline support (25,5%)
  • import (23,2%)

As features are also the most important factor that we need to improve in comparison to other email services, we will focus on adding features to your encrypted mailbox. Our seven developers workd hard to add new features on a monthly basis. We also plan to increase our team by at least three more developers this year to speed up development further.

We are very thankful to our awesome community who helps us achieve this continuous growth. We grow organically according to the rising number of paying users.

Upgrading to one of the paid plans also comes with a lot of benefits. Check them out.

Thank you for your support!

The team behind your open source email alternative.