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Encryption for all emails: Tutanota uses DANE on top of SSL and PFS for maximum security

Tutanota is the most secure email service you can get: On top of its automatic end-to-end encryption, it uses DNSSEC, DANE, DMARC, DKIM, PFS & TLS to secure your connection to Tutanota to the maximum. Today, we have updated our SSL certificates.

On our security site you can learn what makes Tutanota the most secure email service.

To make sure that your connection to Tutanota is securely encrypted, you can verify that your browser is using the correct SSL fingerprints.

**Verify our SSL fingerprints (valid until 02.09.2021)**

SHA1 fingerprint:

E8 95 1F 62 C9 FB C6 4E C0 2A 08 F7 23 02 2D F7 6A F4 14 96

SHA-256 fingerprint:

97 C0 6D C3 5D 98 BF C4 F7 A1 A0 B3 41 C4 3F 65 7A 27 2E 92 E2 34 E0 A4 FA CA 90 47 B1 73 71 41

These fingerprints are valid for and

You can check these fingerprints by clicking on the log symbol to the left of the URL within your browser.

DANE makes Tutanota emails extra secure

Tutanota is one of the few email services that already support DANE. The DANE protocol effectively protects against MITM attacks and should be implemented by all mail providers. You can verify that your connection to Tutanota is secure by adding a DANE browser plugin to your browser.

Start using the most secure email service today

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