Whitelabel your secure Tutanota mailbox for business use.

Tutanota is the secure email service with lots of Whitelabel customizations for all your business needs.

Tutanota enables you to whitelabel its secure email service according to your business branding easily. With Tutanota's comprehensive whitelabel customizations, your business can host all emails encrypted on Tutanota's highly secured data centers based in Germany.

Whitelabel is the perfect solution for your business as you can present the Tutanota mailboxes with your corporate design: Employees and external recipients will not notice that they are accessing Tutanota, they will only see your website and your branding.

How Tutanota can look like

An example of Tutanota with Whitelabel

The Whitelabel feature in Tutanota adds a set of customizations that let you adapt Tutanota for business use. When using Whitelabel, you can adapt Tutanota to your corporate idendity. Here is an example of how Tutanota could look like.

Use your custom theme on all Tutanota clients. Tutanota inbox with Whitelabel.

With Whitelabel you can activate the Tutanota login on a subdomain of your own website and change the look and feel of Tutanota according to your needs (e.g. Corporate Identity). Your whitelabel domain can be any subdomain, and might look like 'secure.mycompany.com' or 'email.mycompany.com'.

If you send end-to-end encrypted emails to external recipients, those recipients are also directed to your whitelabel subdomain where they login to decrypt the encrypted emails. The notification message to external recipients is also customizable so that you can give the notification a personal touch.

Whitelabel: Secure emails for business use

All these features combined make Tutanota the perfect secure email solution for your business. Tutanota focuses on security and ease-of-use to make secure business emails so easy that every employee can encrypt emails to any recipient.

Complete list of customizations for your whitelabel domain:

The customizations for your whitelabel subdomain are visible in all Tutanota clients. Whether your employees login via the web client, the mobile apps or the desktop clients, your corporate design will be visible at all times.

The Whitelabel feature can be booked in one step by upgrading to Pro. Alternatively, you can upgrade to Premium and add Whitelabel under Settings. Find more information on how to book and setup the Whitelabel feature in Tutanota in our FAQ.