Calendar apps compared

Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar and iCloud / Apple Calendar are the most popular free calendar apps available on the web. Let's compare them with the most secure one: the Tutanota Calendar.

Comparison of best free calendar apps

Free, widely used and with an extensive set of features, the calendars from Google, Microsoft and Apple make planning your events ever so easy. So does Tutanota. The encrypted email and calendar service also makes sure that no one can spy on your business meetings and personal events. For the first time, you can host your calendar online and be sure that no one but yourself can see your doctor's appointments or any other sensitive data in your calendar.

What makes a good calendar app?

Apart from security and privacy, which to our understanding is a basic necessity, the most important need that a calendar has to fulfill is to help people get organized. Being able to schedule appointments (also with others), to add repeating events, to receive notifications about important events, and to look up birthdays are some of the most important features people need from calendar apps.

Before comparing calendar apps, we narrowed down the ones we wanted to include in this comparison to the mostly used calendars: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCloud / Apple Calendar and Tutanota Calendar. For the comparison, we focused on the following: A calendar app must be easy to use, well and functionally designed, enable users to send out invites and to share entire calendars. The calendar should also be available on all devices including browsers, desktops, smartphones and tablets so that you can keep track of upcoming events wherever you are.

Tutanota Calendar
Google Calendar
Microsoft Outlook
iCloud / Apple
Automatsko end-to-end šifriranje svih podataka
Automatsko end-to-end šifriranje svih obavijesti
Zero-knowledge calendar
Politika ne zabilježavanja
U skladu s GDPR
Serveri smješteni u Europi
Pristup na bilo kojem uređaju
Monthly, weekly & daily view
Ponavljajući događaji
Invites via iCal
Uvoz / izvoz kalendara
Support for multiple calendars
Support for sharing calendars
CalDav support
Prikaži rođendane iz adresara
Search within calendars

Prebacite se već danas na besplatni i sigurni kalendar

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Šifrirani kalendar
With our encryption expertise, we have made sure that all data in the Tutanota Calendar stays secure. We even encrypt notifications for upcoming events end-to-end.
Volimo otvoreni kod

Tutanota je otvorenog koda pa sigurnosni stručnjaci mogu provjeriti kod koji štiti Vaše poruke e-pošte. Naša aplikacija za Android je Google-free, što omogućuje da Tutanota bude najbolja aplikacija za e-poštu otvorenog koda.

Na omiljenom uređaju
S aplikacijama za iOS i Android, sigurne poruke e-pošte dostupne su bilo kada. Naši brzi web klijenti i potpuno opremljene aplikacije osiguravaju ugodno iskustvo šifrirane e-pošte.

Alternative free calendar app

Tutanota is the best free calendar alternative if you want to quit Google, Microsoft, and Apple and get rid of their extensive tracking of users. Tutanota takes care of your data with automatic encryption and protects your privacy. We are committed to build the best calendar app while making sure that your business meetings and your personal events stay private at all times. Calendars contain some of the most sensitive data about our lives. It is time to protect this data.

Prebacite se već danas na besplatni i sigurni kalendar

Nabavite odmah svoj šifrirani Tutanota račun.