GMX alternative: Comparing GMX vs Tutanota

GMX e Tutanota sono due opzioni di email molto diverse. Controlla questo confronto per vedere quale è la migliore per le tue esigenze.

Key differences between GMX & Tutanota:


GMX is widely used – because it’s been on the market since 1997 – yet it is outdated and doesn’t perform well when it comes to convenience and usability. If you’re looking to create a GMX email address, better look for an alternative as GMX is loaded with advertisements and pop-ups even with email ads being sent from the provider to free mailboxes. Because of this, GMX has been declining in popularity. Today, the best email services often focus on simplicity and usability: Tutanota for instance focuses on a very simple, intuitive design and comes with zero ads. This makes it very easy for everyone to switch to this privacy-first email provider.


Similar to most popular email services, GMX only encrypts emails ‘en route’, meaning with transport encryption (TLS). Tutanota, on the other hand, uses strong end-to-end encryption. This form of encryption scrambles up the content of your emails – even subject line & attachments – locally on your device, leaving potential eavesdroppers at a loss as it is impossible for anyone to read along. Only the intended recipient can decrypt the emails. This way you can truly count on private and confidential communication.


Tutanota is well ahead of GMX when it comes to security and login protection. For instance Tutanota supports U2F – the most secure way to protect your login credentials – as well as other two-factor authentication methods such as TOTP. In contrast to this, GMX offers no option to further protect your login credentials leaving your mailbox at risk from malicious actors on the web and phishing attacks.

Business features

GMX and Tutanota both offer extensive business solutions with custom domain support, the option to add multiple users and alias email addresses. Contacts and calendars can be added on both email services – while only in Tutanota all this data is protected with encryption. On top of that, Tutanota lets you brand the email client in your company’s branding and design, employees can login on your own website, and you can add an optional encrypted contact form, Secure Connect, to offer visitors of your website a way to get in touch with you securely and confidentially.


With Tutanota you can be sure that you use a sustainable email service, one that takes its responsibility for the future seriously. Tutanota solely relies on renewable electricity and our offices’ electricity comes from a renewable energy provider that actively invests into building new facilities for producing renewable energy.


Tutanota comes with very competitive prices, including a completely free option. But the paid plans are very attractive as well, particularly for private users wanting to use their custom domain or other additional features. This is the best offer on the market and beats GMX prices easily.

GMX vs Tutanota:

Confronto di servizi email

Ciò che rende Tutanota un'ottima alternativa a GMX è la sua attenzione alla sicurezza, alla privacy e all'open source. Ciò che distingue Tutanota da GMX sono le caratteristiche di sicurezza di prim'ordine, come la crittografia automatica di tutti i dati e l'autenticazione a due fattori. Su Tutanota i tuoi dati rimangono tuoi: Proteggiamo la tua privacy e ci assicuriamo che tu non sia tracciato o profilato. Non scendiamo a compromessi sulla sicurezza e sulla privacy, mai.
Trasmissione crittografata (TLS)
Archiviazione email crittografata end-to-end
Crittografia end-to-end di tutte l'email interne
Facile crittografia end-to-end per destinatari esterni
Archiviazione crittografata end-to-end di tutti i dettagli di contatto
Righe oggetto crittografate
TOTP per autenticazione secondo fattore
U2F per autenticazione secondo fattore
Nessun captcha di terze parti
Politica nessun log
Conforme GDPR
Server in Europa
Nessun ufficio negli USA
Domini personalizzati
Supporto multi-utente
Indirizzi alias
Personalizzazioni di Whitelabel
Modulo di contatto crittografato
Calendario crittografato
Supporta IMAP per tutti gli utenti
Supporto offline nei client mobili e desktop
Regole inbox
Vista conversazione
Accesso su qualsiasi dispositivo
App F-Droid
Client desktop propri
Ricerca sicura full-text
Basso prezzo di partenza
Offerte speciali per ONP

GMX vs Tutanota Conclusion

Tutanota is the best GMX alternative. If you create a free email address with Tutanota, you’ll get the best convenience paired with best security and privacy.

Tutanota brings best-in-class email security with its built-in encryption combined with the best login and phishing protection. Its focus on security and privacy makes it a great GMX alternative. The legacy service GMX today feels outdated with an overload of ad banners, pop-ups and email ads. This is not just annoying, but it also increases the risk for phishing attacks as phishing emails often look similar to advertisements.

While you can get a mailbox, contacts and calendars in both services, only Tutanota protects all your data with end-to-end encryption and guarantees that there is no tracking and no targeted advertisements.

Tutanota offers a clean and simple inbox, one that lets you stay organized and productive easily. With secure emails, encrypted calendars and business email features all in one place, you can enjoy peace of mind when using an encrypted email service like Tutanota.

Switch today and protect your private communication!

Passa alle email sicure oggi stesso

Switch now and simply forward your emails to Tutanota!

First of all: Register your personal Tutanota email address.

Then follow these easy steps to forward all emails from GMX to Tutanota:

  1. Open GMX in a browser and log in.

  2. Click on 'Email' in the upper tab.

  3. At the bottom left of the email view you will see 'Settings'. Click on it.

  4. Continue by clicking on 'Filter rules'. You will find them in the second column from the left below 'Folders'.

  5. GMX has already prepared filter rules. But you click on 'Create your own filter rules'.

  6. GMX then loads the filter rules. Click on 'Sender' in the filter rules.

  7. Then select 'All new emails' from the list.

  8. Under 'Perform the following action', click on 'Move to folder' and then select 'Forward'.

  9. The input field for an email address appears.

  10. Here you enter your new Tutanota email address.

  11. Then activate the option 'Do not apply another filter rule to these emails'.

  12. Almost done. Now click on 'Set up filter rule'.

  13. You will then see the new filter rule in the list of filter rules you have created.

  14. In Tutanota you will receive an email from GMX that asks you to accept the forwarded emails from GMX. Click the link in this email.

From now on all emails sent to your GMX account will be automatically forwarded to Tutanota. You can inform important senders of your new Tutanota email address and delete unimportant ones. This way, once you stop the auto-forward in GMX, you will have a much cleaner inbox and get rid of all the unwanted newsletters that have accumulated over the last couple of years.

Welcome to the encrypted side!

Nessuna Tracciabilità
Con la crittografia end-to-end e l'autenticazione a due fattori, le tue email non sono mai state così sicure. La crittografia integrata garantisce che la tua mailbox sia accessibile solo a te: nessuno può decrittografare o leggere i tuoi dati.
Amiamo l'open source

Tutanota è open source, quindi gli esperti di sicurezza possono verificare il codice che protegge le tue email. La nostra app per Android è Google-free facendo di Tutanota il miglior servizio di email open source.

Su Ogni Dispositivo
Le nostre app per iOS, Android e desktop ti consentono di inviare email sicure ovunque. Il nostro client Web e le nostre app veloci assicurano che la crittografia dell'email sia un'esperienza piacevole.

The secure GMX alternative that respects your right to privacy.

Are you looking to create a GMX email address, but do not want annoying advertisements? Then you are in the same boat as many email users who are turning away from this legacy service. While GMX used to be a popular choice, internet users today are much more tech-savvy and look for benefits such as security and privacy when it comes to choosing the best email service.

That's where Tutanota comes in - as the ultimate GMX alternative.

Tutanota is the secure email service from Germany that encrypts all of your data automatically. It also offers an easy solution to send end-to-end encrypted emails to any email address by simply sharing a password with the recipient. This makes Tutanota the most secure email solution on the market.

We do not rely on tracking or targeted advertisements, but focus on protecting your right to privacy. Whether you send emails to family and friends, or colleagues and business partners, with Tutanota you can be sure that your data belongs to you – and to you alone. Our outstanding security features make Tutanota the best solution available.

But Tutanota isn't just about security - it's also about convenience. Our simple, intuitive design, our smart filter for incoming emails and our calendar features make it easy to stay organized and on top of your schedule. Plus, our business email options allow you to use Tutanota for professional communications as well. Tutanota is perfect for personal use as well as for SMEs that value privacy and security.

Choose Tutanota and you’ll get a truly secure email provider, one that respects your privacy. Switch now and enjoy the benefits of the best email service all around.

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