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#590: Offline usage
  • Language files should be cached lazily
#545: Add PIN/fingerprint unlock option to increase security

On the new Android/iOS apps can the option be added to allow a PIN/Fingerprint login to access the app once you save your main login on the device?

This just gives an extra layer of security without requiring full login/2FA authentication every time.

Lots of other apps support this including ProtonMail.

#443: Support FIDO U2F security key in Android app

I have a linked FIDO U2F security key to Tutanota.
I expect to be able to use that token for 2FA in the android application when logging in.

#516: Provide a way to configure/change the Sender Name based on the aliases

Right now, the Sender Name is set at account level. If we happen to have an alias where we don't want to expose that name –for any reason(s)-, there is no way we can do that – or yes, there is: changing the account's Sender Name back and forth...really not an option.

This is one of the most important things that are currently missing in the service.

#6: Conversation view

Gmail has conversation view.

I have been looking for a privacy-conscious email service that offers this
as well. I have been using OpenMailbox and RiseUp, however they both
use RoundCube software.

RoundCube has had a ticket open on this for 9 years so who knows when they
will implement this, if ever. Please add conversation view so I can dump Gmail
for good.

#1579: Shared team calendars

As administrator I can create and delete shared team calendars. I can assign and remove users of my account to them without invitations. I can invite users outside my account with group invitations.

#1756: Calendar Widget

I want to put the Tutanota calendar to my homescreen.

#1066: Better contact integration on Android and iOS

I want to use my contacts from the dialer app 👍

#393: Recipient groups

Allow grouping recipients to send an email to all of them.

#529: Disposable e-mail addresses

Disposable e-mail addresses are a randomly generated string of characters that are used to create a unique alternate e-mail address:


The difference between regular e-mail aliases and disposable ones is that the latter are intended to be temporary, for instance, you can use them for a short-term purpose before deleting the address to prevent your real address from being sold and added to Spam lists.

Additionally, a description field (or something similar), along with the e-mail address itself is a nice-to-have in order to associate/know the service or Web site in question.

Disposable e-mail addresses are just for receiving e-mail – they should not be used to send e-mails.

It's important to emphasize that this is completely different from the usual disposable e-mail address services one can find out there.

#318: organize emails by tags/labels

I'm new in tutanota but the first thing I looked for in the UX is the ability to tag/label my mails.
It is a very simple and powerful feature, superior to folders as many tags could be applied to an email when only one folder could be associated with it.

I think you should consider this feature as it will dramatically enhance the user experience and it's relatively simple to implement.

#175: Photo in contact

new attributes are now available see #168

#198: Autocrypt support

Hi there, is Tutanota planning to follow the path of other mail clients and implement Autocrypt? Seems like most major clients are planning on releasing support for it soon (K9, Thunderbird, Mailpile). Would be nice if Tutanota follows and stays compatible.

#843: Full unicode emoji support

We should display a selector for emojis
We can use svgs from (

#528: Tor onion service

As evidenced on Tutanota's own blog, the organization is pro-privacy and pro-Tor/VPN usage - and thank god for that!

In order to further protect Tor users (who by definition value privacy more), how about setting up an onion address to access the webmail at, in parallel to the clearnet site?

This approach is used by, among others, ProtonMail, ProPublica, The NYT, etc.

If feeling ambitious, why not make it a nextgen onion address? :)