Web.de alternative: Comparison Web.de vs Tutanota

Web.de is still a widely used email services in Germany, despite it being outdated and loaded with advertisements. Let’s compare Web to Tutanota, the new alternative from Germany!

Key differences between Web & Tutanota


Web.de was already launched back in 1995 and, thus, can be called the oldest email service from Germany. Due to its age, it is widely used today in the D-A-CH region – despite its age and its overload of advertising. This makes Web.de less convenient to use. While you can still create a Web.de address today, better alternatives already exists. Tutanota, for instance, is a great Web alternative as its focus on privacy along with a clean and simple design makes it very easy to use. To choose a best email service usability play a major role, and Tutanota checks all the boxes here: It does not track its users, has zero ads and you can register so easy that it only takes a couple of seconds.


Tutanota excels in security with its built-in encryption while Web.de – like most popular email services – only applies transport layer encryption (TLS), which leaves the emails at risk to prying eyes. This is also why emails are general considered as postcards: not very private. The encryption of Tutanota, on the other hand, is end-to-end – from the sender’s device to the recipient’s device. Anyone in-between will not be able to read your emails. With this innovative approach, you are now able to have a truly private and confidential communication online.


Tutanota focuses on security and login protection and, thus, is well advanced in this regard compared to Web. Web.de does not support any from of two-factor authentication – even though security experts strongly recommend to always enable U2F security keys to protect important online accounts. The reason for this is simple: Only with strong login protection, you can make sure that your newly created email account is not being hacked, stolen or falls victim to a phishing attack.

Business features

Web.de and Tutanota both offer extensive business features such as custom domain support, the option to add multiple users and alias email addresses. Contacts and calendars are available in both services, but the difference is in the details: While the data in Web.de is stored in the cloud without any encryption, Tutanota encrypts all data stored securely end-to-end, making it the best email solution to protect your sensitive business communication and data. In addition, Tutanota enables you to use your own branding, place the login for your employees on your own website, and you can book Secure Connect, an encrypted contact form to place on your website.


With Tutanota you can be sure that you use a sustainable email service, one that takes its responsibility for the future seriously. Tutanota solely relies on renewable electricity and our offices’ electricity comes from a renewable energy provider that actively invests into building new facilities for producing renewable energy.


Tutanota and Web.de both have a free tier as well as paid add-ons. While Web.de starts with rather high Premium prices, Tutanota comes with very competitive prices which are particularly attractive to private users wanting to use their custom domain or other additional features such as offline support and unlimited search. This is the best offer on the market and beats Web.de prices easily.

Web.de vs Tutanota:

Confronto di servizi email

What makes Tutanota a great Web.de alternative is its focus on security, privacy and open source. Things that set Tutanota apart from Web.de are top notch security features such as automatic encryption of all data and two factor authentication. At Tutanota your data remains your data: We protect your privacy and make sure that you are not being tracked or profiled. We do not compromise on security and privacy - ever.

Trasmissione crittografata (TLS)
Archiviazione email crittografata end-to-end
Crittografia end-to-end di tutte l'email interne
Facile crittografia end-to-end per destinatari esterni
Archiviazione crittografata end-to-end di tutti i dettagli di contatto
Righe oggetto crittografate
TOTP per autenticazione secondo fattore
U2F per autenticazione secondo fattore
Nessun captcha di terze parti
Politica nessun log
Conforme GDPR
Server in Europa
Nessun ufficio negli USA
Domini personalizzati
Supporto multi-utente
Indirizzi alias
Personalizzazioni di Whitelabel
Modulo di contatto crittografato
Calendario crittografato
Supporta IMAP per tutti gli utenti
Supporto offline nei client mobili e desktop
Regole inbox
Vista conversazione
Accesso su qualsiasi dispositivo
App F-Droid
Client desktop propri
Ricerca sicura full-text
Basso prezzo di partenza
Offerte speciali per ONP

Web.de vs Tutanota Conclusion

Tutanota is the best Web.de alternative. If you create a free email address with Tutanota, you’ll get best usability paired with best security and privacy.

Tutanota brings best-in-class email security with its built-in encryption combined with best login and phishing protection. Its focus on security and privacy makes it a great Web.de alternative. The legacy service Web.de feels outdated with an overload of ad banners, pop-ups and email ads. This is not just annoying, but it also increases the risk for phishing attacks as phishing emails often look similar to advertisements.

While you can get a mailbox, contacts and calendars in both services, only Tutanota protects all your data with end-to-end encryption and guarantees that there is no tracking and no targeted advertisements.

Tutanota offers a clean and easy-to-use inbox, one that lets you stay organized and productive easily. With secure emails, encrypted calendars, contacts as well as business email functions all in one place, you can rest easy knowing that all data remains safe and cannot be intercepted by third parties.

Switch today and protect you private communication!

Passa subito a Tutanota!

Switch now and simply forward your emails to Tutanota!

First of all: Register your personal Tutanota email address.

Then follow these easy steps to forward all emails from Web to Tutanota:

  1. Open Web.de in a browser and log in.

  2. To set up forwarding, click 'Settings' in the navigation at the bottom left.

  3. Click on 'Forwarding' in the navigation on the left under Email.

  4. Under Forwarding, select the option 'Forward permanently'.

  5. In the corresponding fields, enter your new Tutanota email addresses to which you want to forward your emails. Click on Save.

  6. In Tutanota you will receive an email from Web.de that asks you to accept the forwarded emails from Web.de. Click the link in this email.

From now on all emails sent to your Web.de account will be automatically forwarded to Tutanota. You can inform important senders of your new Tutanota email address and delete unimportant ones. This way, once you stop the auto-forward in Web.de, you will have a much cleaner inbox and get rid of all the unwanted newsletters that have accumulated over the last couple of years.

Welcome to the encrypted side!

Nessuna Tracciabilità
Con la crittografia end-to-end e l'autenticazione a due fattori, le tue email non sono mai state così sicure. La crittografia integrata garantisce che la tua mailbox sia accessibile solo a te: nessuno può decrittografare o leggere i tuoi dati.
Amiamo l'open source

Tutanota è open source, quindi gli esperti di sicurezza possono verificare il codice che protegge le tue email. La nostra app per Android è Google-free facendo di Tutanota il miglior servizio di email open source.

Su Ogni Dispositivo
Le nostre app per iOS, Android e desktop ti consentono di inviare email sicure ovunque. Il nostro client Web e le nostre app veloci assicurano che la crittografia dell'email sia un'esperienza piacevole.

The secure Web alternative that respects your right to privacy.

When selecting a best email service, Internet users today have much more requirements than twenty years ago: usability, simple and clean design, but also a focus on privacy are most often mentioned as required features. That’s why more and more people are turning away from legacy services like Web when looking to create a new email address. While Web.de used to be popular, today many people dislike being tracked for targeted advertisements.

Find out why Tutanota is the best Web.de alternative.

Tutanota not only focuses on security and privacy, it also comes with zero ads. Instead all emails, calendars and contacts are encrypted in Tutanota, making sure that no one can steal your personal information. In addition, the email service from Hanover offers a very easy way to send an encrypted email to any email address in the world which makes it the most secure email service on the market.

You can safely send emails to family and friends or colleagues and business partners, being sure that no unsolicited party is reading along. The level of privacy and security in Tutanota is unrivaled, yet the secure email service also brings lots of other benefits: It excels in convenience, focusing on a clean and intuitive design. This enables everyone to quickly navigate a new mailbox after switching to Tutanota.

In addition, Tutanota comes with extensive calendar features helping you to stay organized. For professional use, Tutanota offers business email features, including the option to use your own custom domain, email alias addresses and brand the email clients with your own design. Thus, Tutanota is well suited not just for personal use, but also for SMEs and larger organizations that value privacy and security.

Switch to Tutanota now and enjoy the benefits of the best secure email service.

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