Secure Connect

The encrypted contact form for your website.

Fast & Secure

Secure Connect enables every visitor of your website to contact you confidentially. All data and all files entered into the contact form are automatically protected with strong end-to-end encryption. Try our Demo of Secure Connect now to see how easy it is for a website visitor to get in touch with you securely.

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Secure Connect - encrypted contact form

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Back-and-forth communication
파일 주고 받기
Colors & logo can be customized
All texts can be customized
모든 글은 여러 언어로 게시될 수 있습니다
Sven Taylor, Restore Privacy
"Secure Connect is a great feature that more websites should be utilizing. It easily enables an encrypted two-way communication and document sharing."
Claudio Guarnieri, Security Without Borders
"Secure Connect is, to begin with, a very simple way to set up a contact form on your website. It took me just a few minutes to add Tutanota Secure Connect to my website."
Jürgen Klute, Europa Blog
"I have been using Tutanota a long time already, and Tutanota has been proven secure. That's why Secure Connect is a great tool which offers what I need for my blog."

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Get Secure Connect today to offer a confidential communication channel to all your business contacts. This is what you need to book for adding Secure Connect to your own website. If you have any further questions, please contact our sales team.