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Spread privacy so that everybody can enjoy a secure email account.
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In the future Tutanota will be the privacy respecting alternative for Google with a calendar, notes, cloud storage - everything encrypted by default! This is our dream of the future Internet and we are truly amazed by the feedback and the support we have received from you so far. We invite all of you to get in touch and to support our goal in bringing privacy and security to the world.
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Your security and privacy are at the heart of Tutanota, and every decision we make starts with the safety and privacy of your data. In contrast to most online services, we have a deep respect for your right to privacy. We build Tutanota to fight for your privacy, fight along with us and spread the word.
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Your donations are directly invested into the development of your secure email service Tutanota and its encryption to protect your right to privacy. With your support, we will implement the following features:
Užšifruotas Kalendorius
Encrypted Cloud Storage
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You are a developer and would like to support Tutanota by contributing code? That is just awesome! Please make a pull request on GitHub. We will review your changes and get in touch with you.

It's always best to contact us first. If the wished-for feature also requires server-side changes, we need to develop it ourselves. You can discuss missing features with us and other users in our community forum.

Padėkite mums išversti Tutanotą!

Tutanota has become a success because of the incredible support from all our users who work together to establish a privacy respecting alternative to mainstream services everywhere in the world. You can become part of this amazing journey by joining the open source translation project for Tutanota.

To join, simply get in touch with us so we can add you to our translation project.