Comparing Skiff Mail vs Tutanota

Tutanota and Skiff Mail are two secure communication platforms that provide alternatives to mainstream email providers like Gmail and Outlook. Let's explore the features of each platform in more detail!

Skiff vs Tutanota: Key differences

Encryption: Both Skiff and Tutanota use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for their email services as well as their calendars. Tutanota as well as Skiff Mail always store incoming and outgoing emails encrypted, even is sent unencrypted.

Tutanota uses an innovative encryption method to secure your data easily. Tutanota is the only email service that automatically encrypts all emails, all calendars and also all of your contacts by default. Key generation, key handling, key exchange – all of this happens automatically in the background while the private key is still only accessible by the user.

Security: In addition to encryption, both Tutanota and Skiff have solid security measures, including two-factor authentication (2FA), secure password reset and identity verification. Neither Tutanota nor Skiff Mail use PGP or Open PGP, because the PGP standard does not encrypt the subject of your messages.

At Tutanota, we own our servers and network infrastructure ourselves. This causes effort, but is important so that we can protect our users' data to the maximum. As a result, no third party can know IP addresses of our users. Skiff, on the other hand, uses AWS as its mail server, so Amazon has access to all incoming and outgoing emails.

In addition, Skiff uses Cloudflare as DDoS protection. Cloudflare DDoS protection usually works in such a way that the TLS endpoint is Cloudflare. If that's the case, the TLS encryption ends at Cloudflare and Cloudflare would have access to UserIDs, IP addresses and SessionIds of Skiff users.

According to Skiff’s whitepaper regarding their security practices, "The Skiff Mail client has been completely open source since day one. All Skiff cryptography libraries are open-source and usable by other developers. ... The remainder of Skiff’s products are being open-sourced throughout 2023."

Tutanota’s email apps and browser version as well as the calendar have been open source since the launch. Subsequently we’ve built our own open-source captcha, push notifications and desktop clients to make sure that we do not depend on third-party closed-source services. Skiff is based in the US while Tutanota is based in Germany, a country known for its strong privacy protections. At Tutanota, we own our own servers and our service is GDPR-compliant.

Business features: In terms of complimentary business features in addition to email, Skiff currently has the advantage of also including cloud storage, shared documents and files, offering a comprehensive privacy solution for teams and organizations. Skiff allows users to create encrypted documents, collaborate in real-time, and manage access permissions for team members. It integrates with popular tools like Slack, Google Drive, and GitHub, making it seamless to work within existing workflows – though one must note that files stored in Google Drive are not encrypted end-to-end.

Tutanota is also planning to launch an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage solution in the near future. Our focus in this regard is more on security than on third-party integrations. We launched the PQ Mail project in 2020 and we have a working prototype that lets us encrypt emails with a hybrid protocol combining our proven encryption algorithms with post quantum secure algorithms. We will stay ahead of the quantum computing "arms race" and make sure that your data stays secure, even when quantum computers will be able to break currently used encryption algorithms, by upgrading all Tutanota email accounts to the PQMail algorithms. Additionally, when our cloud storage solution will be ready to launch, it will benefit from the same post-quantum security.

Skiff Mail includes some functionalities not included in Tutanota Mail, but potentially useful to business users, like the ability to unsend an email. On the other hand, Skiff has very limited customization options, whereas Tutanota has a fully customizable whitelabel version, which is often a must-have for business users. This feature in Tutanota gives you the unique option to customize the look and feel of Tutanota, place the login on your website and let's you even adapt the notification message to external recipients of end-to-end encrypted messages.

Sustainability: While Skiff doesn’t have any sustainability initiative as of yet, Tutanota uses 100% renewable electricity for all its servers as well as its offices. We believe tech companies can and should help advance sustainability actions. A private, secure and encrypted email service that is also the most sustainable option is a choice you can feel good about!

Pricing: Both Tutanota and Skiff both operate on a freemium model. Tutanota’s plans for private users cost the same as their Skiff counterparts, but the features in Tutanota are more extensive with more storage, more email alias addresses and more custom domains included in each plan.

For business users, Tutanota has three options, two plans that are cheaper than their Skiff counterpart and one at the same price level as Skiff’s Business plan but with different features. Ultimately, you can always experiment by creating free accounts on both platforms and see which workflows and products best suit your needs. Tutanota also has a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with any of our personal or business plans.

Vergelijking van e-maildiensten

Skiff Mail
Versleutelde verzending (TLS)
End-to-end versleutelde e-mailopslag
End-to-end versleuteling van alle interne e-mails
Eenvoudige end-to-end versleuteling voor externe ontvangers
Versleutelde onderwerpregel
TOTP voor tweede factor authenticatie
U2F voor tweede factor authenticatie
Geen derde partij captcha
Geen IP logging
Voldoet aan GDPR
Serverlocatie in Europa
Aangepaste domeinen
Ongelimiteerde eigen domeinadressen
Alias adressen
Inbox regels
Onbeperkte domeinen
Whitelabel aanpassingen
Onbeperkt aantal gebruikers
Versleutelde agenda
Krijg offline toegang tot uw beveiligde e-mails
Toegang vanaf elk toestel
Beveiligd volledige tekst zoeken
Zelf-vernietigende e-mails
Conversatie weergave
Eigen desktop-clients
Open Source Clients & Apps
F-Droid app
Gratis abonnement
Advertentie vrij
Speciale aanbieding voor non-profitorganisaties

Skiff vs Tutanota Summary

Tutanota and Skiff are two secure communication platforms that provide alternatives to mainstream email providers. While Tutanota focuses on encrypted email services, Skiff takes a broader approach by offering secure collaboration and file sharing solutions. While both services share similar goals, there are some differences in their features and approaches.

Both Tutanota and Skiff Mail offer robust privacy and security features. Plus, it's great that both have a free version that let's you test the basic features. However, Tutanota definitely has an advantage in terms of security, as we own our servers and infrastructure. Contrary to our focus on security and privacy, Skiff makes use of third-party services like Amazon and Cloudflare, leaking personal information about their users to these tech giants.

Skiff may have a steeper learning curve due to its wider range of collaboration features. Skiff's interface is optimized for teamwork, allowing users to share and collaborate on encrypted files securely. Tutanota excels as an encrypted email provider with its user-friendly interface and strong emphasis on easy-to-use encryption. Skiff, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive solution for secure collaboration, extending its encryption beyond emails to include files and documents. When choosing between Tutanota and Skiff, consider whether you require primarily encrypted emails or a broader collaboration platform for your specific use case.

Tutanota is the best email service for those who value security and want to create a new email address, especially if they need to use their custom domains and their own custom branding.

With Tutanota you can have end-to-end encrypted email, calendar, and business email features all in one place, making it easy to stay organized and productive.

US vs Germany

Skiff is headquartered in the US in San Francisco, with offices based in 5+ countries in the US, Egypt, Israel and France. While information on the location and ownership of their servers is not readily available to the public, it’s clear that they fall under US jurisdiction with its significantly worse privacy laws than in Germany.

Skiff was launched six years after Tutanota. Therefore, several features on Skiff are not fully available, like calendar event reminders for their desktop clients which are not yet supported, the current lack of inbox rules and the fact that some of their products are still being open-sourced throughout 2023, according to the company.

Until June 2023 Skiff has raised a total of $14.2M in funding over four rounds. The company currently has 27 VC investors, including Sequoia Capital and Ethereum Foundation.

The latter also means that Skiff Mail is financially motivated to embrace the cryptocurrency space. While being able to pay with crypto anonymously is also supported in Tutanota, we do not endorse the cryptocurrency space for multiple reasons. First, most cryptocurrencies have a negative impact on the environment. Second, the cryptocurrency space is not the most trustworthy one, with several crashes of what were supposed to be stablecoins. Keep in mind, several crypto investment funds turned out to be frauds that only came to light after mid-2022.

When you consider the above, Skiff’s massive marketing budget and aggressive growth, it’s possible that their focus might be more on a quick and profitable exit, than on a long-term vision for their products.

Tutanota has taken the opposite approach when it comes to funding. We want to ensure that any decision making about our products is not biased by any investors and that we always focus our number one priority on the interest of our users: that of maximum security and privacy – no matter if they are on a free plan or paying subscribers. Also, we are to stay true and committed to sustainability.

Both services, Tutanota and Skiff Mail, are open source and end-to-end encrypted. Both offer secure login, password reset, client-side search as well as spam and phishing protection. The two privacy-first providers make sure that you’re not tracked through remote content like images. Both Tutanota and Skiff Mail are preferable to legacy email providers like Gmail, Outlook or Zoho Mail.

Tutanota is premiering E2E encryption resistant to post-quantum attacks and plans to launch cloud-based storage in the future. If your priority is the highest level of security, or if you need a business email that you can customize according to your brand identity, then Tutanota is the best email provider for you to create an email address.

Veilige e-mail speciaal voor jou.

Geen Tracering
Met end-to-end versleuteling en 2FA waren uw e-mails nog nooit zo veilig. De ingebouwde versleuteling garandeert dat uw postbus alleen van u is: niemand anders kan uw gegevens ontsleutelen of lezen.
Wij houden van Open Source

Tutanota is open source, dus beveiligingsexperts kunnen de code op elk moment controleren. Daarnaast maakt Tutanota met de volledig Google-vrije Android-app de beste open source e-mailservice.

Op elk toestel
Met onze apps voor iOS, Android en desktops kunt u overal veilige e-mails verzenden. Onze snelle webclient en apps zorgen ervoor dat e-mailversleuteling een prettige ervaring is.

Tutanota - het e-mail alternatief dat uw recht op privacy respecteert.

Met ingebouwde versleuteling en een duidelijke focus op open source, is Tutanota duidelijk de beste e-mailservice wanneer comfort, beveiliging en privacy belangrijk voor u zijn. We hebben onze eigen desktop-clients voor Windows, Linux en Mac OS ontwikkeld om de IMAP-functie te vervangen. De volgende functies in onze functionaliteits kalender zijn offline beschikbaarheid, gespreksweergave en de ondersteuning van 2FA-hardwaretokens op mobiele apparaten. Onze visie met Tutanota is om een ​​volledig e-mailalternatief te bieden met een agenda, notities en cloudopslag - uiteraard volledig versleuteld.

We streven ernaar om deze vergelijking van e-maildiensten up-to-date te houden. Neem contact met ons op als u een fout ontdekt.

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