Easily register your company's domain and set up your admin account

  • You as the administrator of your company can order Tutanota for Outlook.
    • We, the Tutao GmbH, will check and verify the order within one weekday and send a registration link to the administrator.
  • You can register your Tutanota admin account with the given link. Note: Make sure that you store your chosen password in a secure place. We are not able to restore your password in case you lose it.
  • You can directly install the Outlook Addin on the desired computer. The installation link is shown in your admin web interface of Tutanota via 'Settings' → 'Account'.
  • Upon starting Outlook the first time after installation of the Addin, you will be asked to enter the already chosen password of the Tutanota admin account. Now you can use Tutanota's easy mail encryption in Outlook.

Create employee accounts

  • You can create additional employee accounts for Tutanota via 'Settings' → 'User management' in Tutanota's web interface for administrators. Please enter mail address, name and password of each employee. The system will recommend secure passwords, but you can also set your own passwords.
  • If you want to register several employees, you can use an import function with a csv-file.
  • You need to install the plugin on all employee computers or roll it out via a group policy. For details about the group policy, please contact us. Upon starting Outlook after installation of the Tutanota Addin, a pop-up shows up that asks for the pre-set password for this user.

Delete employee accounts

  • Go to 'Settings' → 'User management' in Tutanota's web interface for administrators to delete existing Tutanota accounts.
  • Deleted accounts are logically deleted.
  • As long as the accounts are only logically deleted, you can restore them.

Change password

  • Via Tutanota's web interface each user can change their password. The administrator has the permission to reset employee passwords via 'Settings' → 'User management'.