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About Tutanota

Tutanota is the world’s first end-to-end encrypted mail service that encrypts the entire mailbox. With its unique open source technology Tutanota fights for privacy and freedom of speech online. Started as a secure email service, Tutanota now offers an encrypted address book, the encrypted contact form Secure Connect and an encrypted calendar.

In addition, Tutanota’s affordable business version enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily secure their email communication.


Privacy is the foundation of everything we do. To fight for our right to privacy - to protect journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists as well as citizens around the world - this has been our mission since we have started building the encrypted email service Tutanota.

We embrace full transparency and disclose mistakes openly and transparently. Security and transparency are closely interlinked and one cannot be achieved without the other.

We take our social responsibility seriously by running Tutanota completely on renewable energy and by offering the secure email service at a discount to NPOs and schools.

Team Spirit

√ Courage: We discuss conflicts, admit mistakes and propose ideas even if they may sound silly at first. We ask for help and offer help to each other if needed.

√ Responsibility: We decide on strategy, planning and design in teams. We incorporate pair programming.

√ Appreciation: We appreciate each other’s ideas and accomplishments.

√ Respect: We respect each other and their opinions.