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E-Mail made in Hannover: Sicher, grün, ohne Werbung. Da müssen sich die anderen ganz schön recken!
Same experience, better privacy.
Tutanota combines ease of use with maximum security.

Tutanota is the antithesis of today's broken internet. When you surf the web, shop online, even when you read your email, you are being tracked and profiled.

Because Big Tech wants to see you naked. Big Tech uses your data for their own profit.

But with Tutanota, protecting your privacy is as easy as getting dressed.

Share our video so that everyone learns why it's time to ditch Big Tech and embrace privacy!

Screenshot of the anonymous Tutanota mailbox on several devices.

Tutanota - the email alternative that respects your right to privacy.

Tutanota is a great email alternative as it sets you free from online tracking: We do not track and we do not post targeted ads. Instead, your data is encrypted by default.
Screenshot of a Tutanota mailbox.Screenshot of a Tutanota calendar in dark mode.Screenshot of Tutanota contacts.Screenshot of the Tutanota search feature.
Secure email, as easy as can be.

Security and data protection

At Tutanota your data is professionally protected

Tutanota is based in Hanover, Germany. All your encrypted emails are stored on our own servers in highly secured data centers in Germany, powered with renewable energy. With its strict data protection laws and the GDPR, Germany has some of the best laws in the world to protect your secure emails.

Fully Anonymous

Registration without phone number

Everyone has the right to privacy, and this includes encrypted email. That's why the basic secure email account in Tutanota will always be free of charge. No personal information and no phone numbers are required to register your anonymous email account. Upgrade anonymously using Bitcoin, Monero or cash payments.

Screenshot of the anonymous Tutanota mailbox on several devices.
Tutanota mailbox on a mobile phone.

Secure Email, No Ads

Focus on the important things

Tutanota puts you first: No advertisements, automatic encryption of your data, maximum protection of your privacy. Stop Gmail from tracking you, choose Tutanota.

Your mails - always with you

Send and receive emails on the go
Always stay up to date: The free Tutanota mail apps for Android or iOS let you send and receive your emails comfortably on the go. Access all important features of Tutanota comfortably from your smartphone or tablet.
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Secure Your Communication Now

Secure, green and ad-free. Email to feel good about.

Why you will love Tutanota

"Best emailing service I've used. Unlike Google, it actually respects your privacy and has great UI, customization and a nice minimalist design. It's only €12/yr for a premium email so it's super affordable as well."

All you need to know to switch to Tutanota

We have collected all the information you need when switching to...

... a free Tutanota account

... a paid Tutanota account

... a paid Tutanota account with your own domain

... a business account with Tutanota

... an NPO account with Tutanota

Welcome to the encrypted side!

Meet the secure Gmail alternative: Tutanota is the encrypted email service that lets you leave Google completely.

Gmail vs Tutanota

What makes Tutanota a great Gmail alternative is its focus on security, privacy and open source. Things that set Tutanota apart from Gmail are top notch security features such as automatic encryption of all data and absolutely no tracking. At Tutanota your data remains your data: We protect your privacy and make sure that you are not being tracked or profiled. On top of that Tutanota can be used without any connections to Google, even when using the Android app. We do not compromise on security and privacy - ever.

Secure Your Communication Now

Secure, green and ad-free. Email to feel good about.