Secure email

The zero-knowledge mailbox of Tutanota secures all your emails with built-in encryption.

Features of the Secure Tutanota Mailbox

The Tutanota mailbox enables you to secure your email communication easily. The automatic end-to-end encryption makes sure that no one can spy on your secure emails. We build Tutanota to protect your emails from any third party, including us.

Secure Email Features
Encrypted transmission (TLS)
End-to-end encrypted email storage
End-to-end encrypted storage of all contact details
End-to-end encryption of all internal emails
Easy end-to-end encryption to external recipients
All data is encrypted: Subject line, body, attachments
TOTP for second factor authentication
U2F for second factor authentication
No third party captcha
No-log policy
Own desktop clients
Open Source Clients (web, mobile apps, desktop clients)
F-Droid app
Servers in Europe
Encrypted calendar
Accessible on every device
Zero-knowledge full-text search
Export selected emails as .eml files
Import external mailboxes into Tutanota
Shared mailboxes
Conversation view
Group send feature
Offline access to secure emails
Send out-of-office emails
Archive all secure emails automatically
Free subscription
Sigur față de Atacatori
Cu criptare de la trimitere până la primirea e-mailurilor și 2FA (al doilea factor de securizare al autentificării), e-mailurile dvs. nu au fost niciodată mai sigure. Criptarea implementată garantează că dvs. vă aparține contul dvs. de e-mail: Nimeni nu poate decoda și citii datele dvs.
Pe Dispozitivul Dvs. Favorit
Cu aplicațiile pentru iOS și Android e-mailurile dvs. securizate sunt disponibile oricând. Clientul nostru rapid de internet și aplicațiile cu caracteristici complete asigură faptul că criptarea e-mailurilor este făcută printr-o experiență plăcută.

Why You Need Secure Email

Email encryption makes sure that your private emails can only be read by yourself and the intended recipient. On top of that, using a secure mailbox protects you from online attackers and identity theft. As we explain in our Email Security Guide, keeping your mailbox safe is crucial. Many services let you reset your password via email, which makes your email account the gate to your online identity. That’s why email services must focus on security, and that’s what we at Tutanota do. By encrypting all your emails automatically and by offering best-in-class login protection, you can rest assured that your Tutanota emails are safe.

Please find more details on our high level of security.

We at Tutanota do not offer password resets via email – for obvious security reasons. Please make sure to write down your recovery code when signing up for a secure mailbox.

Securizați-vă E-mailul Astăzi

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