Who we are

About Tutanota

Tutanota is the world’s first end-to-end encrypted mail service that encrypts the entire mailbox. With its unique open source technology Tutanota fights for privacy and freedom of speech online. Started as a secure email service in 2011, Tutanota now offers an encrypted address book and an encrypted calendar.

In addition, Tutanota’s affordable business version enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily secure their email communication.


Privacy is the foundation of everything we do. To fight for our right to privacy - to protect journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists as well as citizens around the world - this has been our mission since we have started building the encrypted email service Tutanota.

Join us in our mission to spread privacy via our community page.

We embrace full transparency and disclose mistakes openly and transparently.
Security and transparency are closely interlinked and one cannot be achieved without the other.

We take our social responsibility seriously by running Tutanota completely on renewable energy and by offering the secure email service at a discount to NPOs and schools

Team Spirit

√ Courage: We discuss conflicts, admit mistakes and propose ideas even if they may sound silly at first. We ask for help and offer help to each other if needed.

√ Responsibility: We decide on strategy, planning and design in teams. We incorporate pair programming.

√ Appreciation: We appreciate each other’s ideas and accomplishments.

√ Respect: We respect each other and their opinions.

Black and white picture of Arne in a fighting for privacy pose.
In Germany we have a great traditional song: "Our thoughts are free, who can guess them?" No one. We as one of the few mail providers can't even read them. I fight for privacy because that’s the cornerstone of freedom and democracy. My information belongs to me.
Black and white picture of Matthias thinking and looking to the right side.
My aim is to fight mass surveillance. I write code to fight for our human right to privacy. I want to create a secure email service which is so easy to use and so secure that it locks out all the spies. We really deserve it.
Black and white picture of Hanna being shocked a bit.
Every one of us has the right to express any idea freely, or to keep it secret. That’s how we’ve managed to build our democratic societies. As a citizen of a free democracy it is my obligation to protect my private information. Encryption is the only available key to keep my messages secret.
Black and white picture of Bernd smiling and looking to the side.
In Germany we were taught the value of privacy the hard way - think about Gestapo and Stasi. In our digital age all-round surveillance has become alarmingly easy. I write code to protect our private information from today's Orwellian threats.
Black and white picture of Willow supporting themselves with an arm.
I've always known that the government was spying on people but until a certain point I didn't realize how much corporations track our every move. In my opinion, privacy should not be a luxury for the rich and tech-savvy, it should be a basic human right.
Black and white picture of Sara being happy and ready for everything.
Since the revelations by Edward Snowden, we should all understand that everything we do online is being monitored and saved. Nevertheless, there are very good reasons for taking part in the digital world. That's why I'm working on an encrypted alternative.
Black and white picture of Wren wearing a scarf.
When I first started programming, I was so excited about the things technology can do and imagining all the amazing things it could do for us. Since then, large corporations have done the opposite by turning us into products. By working at Tutanota, I want to help move towards a brighter future; one where privacy is the default.
Black and white picture of Nils being in a good mood.
In a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to free speech and journalism once again, we need to ensure the ability to share and express opinions without the fear of being persecuted for it. To me Tutanota exemplifies this awareness.
Black and white picture of Vitor drinking a cup of coffee.
Back when I was a student, I thought digital security was cool but that some people took it too seriously. Today I know that nobody is taking it seriously enough. That was my awakening: People's ignorance about digital privacy was being taken advantage of by corporations and governments alike.
Black and white picture of Valentin smiling a bit and having hands crossed.
Working with human rights defenders has made me realize the fertile consequences of surveillance and the importance of communication security for a free and democratic society. I work with great enthusiasm to find technical solutions for secure communication.
Black and white picture of Patrik showing his strength and desire to fight for privacy.
Privacy is important to me, because nowadays it can no longer be taken for granted. Nowadays, even for newsletters, you have to give your email address and other data to be able to read a single article. Information and data is being collected everywhere. That has to stop.
Black and white picture of Nick thinking and looking to the left side.
At Tutanota I want to contribute to the fight for privacy, so people in countries like China or Russia, where I’m actually from, can get a possibility to share their data, thoughts or literally just anything without fear of dictatorships using this data against them.
Black and white picture of Noah being happy and showing the 'cool' sign.
As a computer science student, there is an immense variety of possible jobs. But if you want to work at a company that has a big focus on security, privacy, and the environment, rather than just building products, there are very few companies left. That's why I chose to work at Tutanota.
I think one key thing people should understand is that when a single person's privacy is breached, everyone's privacy is breached. This is why end-to-end encryption should become the standard for communication, and this is why privacy on the Internet is important.
At Tutanota we are shaping a user-centered service where privacy is the main goal, where everyone is free to express themselves, their ideas and promote innovation. I'm proud to be a small part of this process.
My goal at Tutanota is deconstructing the myth that encryption is complicated and unnecessary, and at the same time showing that we offer a product with the same high-end level of Big Tech, but in an ethical and safe way.
In my opinion Tutanota is a great product which helps everyone to protect their privacy and that is very important nowadays. I really like how every team member is totally motivated for work and the fight for privacy. Together we will change the web for the better!
Since I spend a majority of my free time on the internet, I sometimes get the chills when I text with a friend about something and later that evening I suddenly get an ad for it. It feels like my personal right to choose what happens to my information is violated and there aren't many spaces where your information is truly yours; but that's not how it's supposed to be. Privacy and security are key components and should be standards.
Ideally, in the future, the web will be safer. Not because people stop scamming or stop hacking other people. Unfortunately, this will live on as long as humanity and the internet exist, but because of apps and features that allow you to keep your privacy in every aspect while being on the internet. I work at Tutanota to make this vision come true.