Zero-knowledge calendar

Regain control over your busy life with Tutanota's free encrypted calendar.
The built-in encryption guarantees that your calendar belongs to you. No unauthorized person can decrypt or read your data.
安全郵件透過使用 iOS 和 Android app 可謂唾手可得。我們高效率的網路用戶端應用程式或是桌面版應用程式皆讓您可輕鬆愉快地體驗加密電子郵件。

Secure calendar app

Manage your ambitious schedule with the most secure calendar. Control your day, week and month encrypted in Tutanota. This way no one can spy on your personal events and business meetings.

Never miss an event

The Tutanota calendar pushes reminders to your device to make sure you never miss an event. These reminders are end-to-end encrypted so that you can relax in the knowledge that only you will be notified.

Always one step ahead

Organization is key: The Tutanota calendar lets you combine your personal events, business meetings and repeating tasks in one view so you can focus on the thing that matters most.


The Tutanota Calendar is an important step to become an encrypted groupware solution. Our vision of the future is that people can easily use the cloud without giving away any personal data. The built-in end-to-end encryption of Tutanota makes this possible.

Automatic end-to-end encryption of all data
Automatic end-to-end encryption of reminders
Accessible on every device
Integrated into the Tutanota email client
Daily & monthly view
All-day events
Recurring events
Upcoming events view
Import / export of calendars
Shared calendars
Enable search in calendar
Send, accept, decline invitations via email (iCal)
Display birthdays from address book

This list gives an overview of already developed and upcoming features in Tutanota. Many features are included in the Free version while some can be booked via paid subscriptions. Please check our pricing page for details.


Secure, green and ad-free. A calendar to feel good about.

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