Дорожная карта

Проверьте нашу дорожную карту, чтобы узнать, какие функции мы добавим в следующий релиз Tutanota.
#6: Conversation view

As a user, I want to be able to see at a glance what other emails (older and and newer) a conversation contains so I don't have to dig through my inbox or deeply nested comments/quotes

#4860: Advanced repeat rule: Reschedule occurrence of a repeating event

As a user i want to be able to reschedule specific occurrences of a repeating calendar event so I can keep the original repeat rule while being able to react to scheduling conflicts.

#393: Recipient lists

As a user I want to be able to create recipient lists. When sending a mail or calendar invites I want to be able to use such a list in the address field to send the mail to every user in the list without entering each mail address individually. Furthermore, I want to be able to share such lists with other users and define who has which right on the list (read/write/manage).

#630: Email import

As a user I want to import my existing mailbox from a different provider into my Tutanota mailbox, so that I do not lose my old emails and do not have to maintain a second email account.

#1666: Advanced calendar event repeat rules

As a user i want to be able to define more advanced repeat rules so that i can be more flexible with defining repeating events.

#2294: Default email app on iOS

As an owner of an iOS device i want to be able to configure the Tutanota app as the default email app. When clicking on a email address (e.g. from address book or a mailto link) the Tutanota application should start and open an email editor.

#1350: Search in calendar

As a user I want to be able to find calendar events by their titles or descriptions.

#2875: Deleting of users

As an admin of a Tutanota account i want to be able to delete users from my account so that the data of that user gets deleted and i don't see them in the list of users anymore.

#1292: Single click email export

As a user i want to be able to export all the emails in my mailbox at once so that i don't have to go through each folder and select the emails.

#903: Shared mailboxes

As a user I want to be able to be able to collaborate with other people using a shared mailbox alongside my own.

#1579: Shared team calendars

As administrator I can create and delete shared team calendars. I can assign and remove users of my account to them without invitations. I can invite users outside my account with group invitations.

#3490: Synchronize draft in minimized editors

The minimized editor does not receive draft updates that were made on other devices.

#904: Shared contact lists

As a user I want to see and edit common contact lists together with my family/organization.

#1756: Calendar Widget

I want to put the Tutanota calendar to my homescreen.

#1066: Better contact integration on Android and iOS

I want to use my contacts from the dialer app 👍

#3443: Allow write access in offline mode

As a Tutanota user i still want to be able to do certain write operation while i am using the Tutanota application in offline mode. These actions should get synchronized after i am online again. Such actions are: