Become a freedom fighter!

Tutanota uses open source encryption to secure your mail account.


We are a market leader and the world's most innovative security company. Tutanota was the first web based end-to-end encryption system. We pioneered easy-to-use and secure mail encryption for Android, iOS and Microsoft Outlook.

Now we are building the fully encrypted communication platform of the future. With our open source project Tutanota we aim at making the web open, secure and accessible for everyone.

Security made easy: The encryption in Tutanota is fully automated so that the user doesn't even notice it.

The team is the star

We are a smart team with a strong focus on engineering. All of our team members are great team players. We are passionate about our right to privacy, and we enjoy fighting for privacy every day.

We already started to sell Premium features for Tutanota. Now we want to spend all additional income on speeding up development. Therefore, we plan to increase our team continuously.

The company behind Tutanota (Tutao GmbH) is completely held by its founders.

Open positions

Software Engineer / Architect


  • mastered at least two different programming languages (ideally JavaScript),
  • are passionate about open source and web security,
  • are eager to learn new techniques,
  • like Agile and DevOps practices,
  • and want to work in Hanover!

Great! You will take an important role in our quickly growing team. As a developer of Tutanota, you will develop and constantly improve new features for our encrypted services, currently available as a web application as well as Android and iOS apps. Your open source code will be published directly on Github.

You will help us to bring a secure mail service to millions of users, and by this fight against the general surveillance online. The communication of the future has to be end-to-end encrypted to regain our privacy. Let's change the Internet and bring privacy back to the people! Together, we extend our encrypted mail service into a complete communication platform, including encrypted chat, encrypted file storage, and an encrypted calendar.

Being part of our start-up gives you a great career opportunity. We are a very open-minded team, and you will be able to take on a leadership position and influence our development as we continuously grow.

What you will definitely like about us:

  • Highly motivated team
  • Modern offices located in a historic and very creative environment
  • Entire company is very family-friendly
  • Great coffee :-)

Please send us your application to hello[at] If available, include links to your public profiles (e.g. Github or Stack Overflow).

We would love to welcome you soon!