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Tutanota is a free and secure email service that let's you create an email account with with built-in encryption for maximum data protection. We believe that privacy is a basic human right and must be free for everyone. That’s why our basic plan will always be free, including all security features.

You can help spread privacy online by selecting a paid plan. In exchange, you will get additional benefits like more storage, additional email addresses, custom email domain support and dedicated support via email.

The Revolutionary and Legend plans enable you to get the best value custom domain accounts for private users with as many own domain email addresses as you need and with the storage size that fits your needs.

Upgrade now and unlock these benefits:

  • Full offline support: Store as many emails as you like locally and login without an internet connection
  • Unlimited inbox rules and auto-reply
  • Unlimited search on encrypted data
  • Smart filtering for your encrypted mailbox
  • Add alias email addresses to your Tutanota account
  • Add your custom domains & activate catch-all
  • Create an unlimited number of email addresses with your custom domain
  • Use an unlimited number of encrypted calendars in Tutanota, share calendars and send calendar invites
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Use Tutanota free of charge and upgrade later. Only for personal use.
Fully encrypted, no tracking
1 GB storage
One calendar
per month - paid yearly
Includes taxes.

Fully encrypted, no tracking
20 GB storage
Unlimited number of calendars
15 extra email addresses
3 custom domains
Support via email
Calendar sharing
Event invites
All you ever need
per month - paid yearly
Includes taxes.
Fully encrypted, no tracking
500 GB storage
Unlimited number of calendars
30 extra email addresses
10 custom domains
Priority support
Calendar sharing
Event invites
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The subscription period is one month when paying monthly and one year when paying yearly. After the initial period, the plan will turn into a non-fixed term contract and may be cancelled at any time.

Best email experience

The Tutanota email & calendar experience is designed around users’ needs. We don’t collect your data or serve you targeted ads. We respect your right to privacy by offering a secure and open source email service that puts you in charge of your data.

Top notch security

Tutanota encrypts more data than any other end-to-end encrypted (E2E) email provider. We make sure that you can store your emails, contacts and calendars securely in Tutanota. While you can easily access your encrypted emails on every device, nobody else can spy on your data. This high level of security is only possible because of people valuing their right to privacy by choosing Revolutionary or Legend.

On any device

With Tutanota you get end-to-end encrypted email, calendar and contacts seamlessly integrated in one app It’s easy to use and available on any device: Use our dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux to get the most out of Tutanota, plus a web version if you prefer to use your browser. All our client software is open-source and published on GitHub, so you can trust that there are no backdoors or security vulnerabilities.


All our servers and our offices are powered by 100% renewable energy. We own our infrastructure and use a zero-knowledge architecture as well as security features like two-factor authentication (including U2F support), login protection, session management, spam filtering and biometrics unlock on mobile.

Special offer for non-profit organizations

We donate the business version of Tutanota to non-profit organizations (NPOs), schools and open source projects. Please find details on how your organization can secure your emails for free or with a discount.

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Secure, green and ad-free. Email to feel good about.