Secure Connect

The encrypted contact form for your website.

Fast & Secure

Secure Connect enables every visitor of your website to contact you confidentially. All data and all files entered into the contact form are automatically protected with strong end-to-end encryption. Try our Demo of Secure Connect now to see how easy it is for a website visitor to get in touch with you securely.

Save Time and Money with Tutanota

Tutanota hosts all your business emails end-to-end encrypted on our own servers based in Germany. We enable your business to use the benefits of the cloud - availability, cost-efficiency, flexibility, automatic back-up - without compromising on security. With Tutanota you own your data, no one else can access it.

Proudly Engineered in Germany

Our team is based in Hanover, Germany. All your free encrypted emails are stored on our own servers in highly secured data centers in Germany, powered with renewable energy. With its strict data protection laws and the GDPR, Germany has some of the best laws in the world to protect your secure emails. The German constitution stresses the importance of freedom of expression and of the human right to privacy.

Secure Connect - encrypted contact form

End-to-end encrypted
Back-and-forth communication
Sending and receiving of files
Colors & logo can be customized
All texts can be customized
All texts can be published in several languages
Sven Taylor, Restore Privacy
"Secure Connect is a great feature that more websites should be utilizing. It easily enables an encrypted two-way communication and document sharing."
Claudio Guarnieri, Security Without Borders
"Secure Connect is, to begin with, a very simple way to set up a contact form on your website. It took me just a few minutes to add Tutanota Secure Connect to my website."
J├╝rgen Klute, Europa Blog
"I have been using Tutanota a long time already, and Tutanota has been proven secure. That's why Secure Connect is a great tool which offers what I need for my blog."

Switch to Secure Business Emails Today

Get Secure Connect today to offer a confidential communication channel to all your business contacts. This is what you need to book for adding Secure Connect to your own website. If you have any further questions, please contact our sales team.