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Tutanota Becomes the Go-to Open Source Email Service with an App on F-Droid.

Tutanota now comes with a Google-free open source email app available on F-Droid.

With an open source email client as well as open source iOS and Android apps, Tutanota is the recommended secure and open source email service that enables everybody to stop using Google. Security experts can easily check that the open sourced code is doing what we promise: Protecting your emails and contacts with automatic encryption.

Open source app published on F-Droid

Now you can even get the open source Android app from F-Droid. Publishing the app on F-Droid was a challenge, but it was definitely worth it. To date, no email service has published their Android app on F-Droid, the number one platform for free and open source apps.

Most email services rely on Google’s GCM (now FCM) for push notifications, which make an F-Droid release impossible. If you search F-Droid for email apps, you will not find one app of a known email service, except for Tutanota, which - to be honest - makes us a bit proud.

Get an open source email app - guaranteed Google-free

With the app release on F-Droid, Tutanota now proves that it is possible to build a secure email service that is completely Google-free, giving people a real open source alternative to the data-hungry market leader Gmail.

"We are happy to see how enthusiastic Tutanota is about F-Droid and free software, having rewritten their app from scratch so it could be included. Furthermore, they take special measures to avoid tracking you, and the security looks solid with support for end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication", says the F-Droid team.

You can get the new Tutanota app on F-Droid here.

Focus on open source, privacy and security

Tutanota is the secure mail service that focuses on security and privacy. Being open source is a crucial part of this, and from its early days, Tutanota has been published on GitHub as open source, licensed under GPLv3.

Only with open source software, third parties can verify that we remain true to our goal: Protecting the privacy of our users by offering the most secure open source email service.

We build Tutanota to establish a secure alternative to mainstream email services like Gmail and Yahoo that spy on their users. Leaving Google behind is not easy, but the effort is worth it: You will regain control over your data. When you use services like Tutanota's fully encrypted mailbox, you own your data - no one else can access it.

And, of course, when it comes to leaving Google behind, F-Droid is one of the most important platforms you’ll need as this is the best place to get Google-free Android apps with automatic updates.

Updating our open source apps to fully get rid of Google

Our Android and iOS apps have been published as open source from the start. The original Tutanota Android app has been built based on Cordova, which in the past made it impossible to publish it on F-Droid because the F-Droid servers could not build the app.

Not being able to publish our Android app on F-Droid was one of the main reasons we started to re-build the entire Tutanota web client. We are privacy and open source enthusiasts, we ourselves use F-Droid. Consequently our app must be published there, no matter the effort.

In the past year, we have completely re-build our mail client and published the new mail client with lots of enhancements in public beta. The new client is much faster, comes with a better design, enables search on encrypted data, supports 2FA and auto-sync, and it is not based on Cordova anymore.

This update finally makes it possible to publish the brand-new Tutanota Android app on F-Droid!

The open source email service to get rid of Google

We are very excited about this release, not only because of the new features, but most of all because the new Android app finally comes without any ties to Google services.

This makes Tutanota the best open source email service. To us this update was very important. We encourage our users to leave Google behind - offering a Google-free Android app, therefore, is a minimum requirement that we demanded from ourselves.

We are very happy that we can now get our own app from F-Droid, and we recommend that you get if from F-Droid as well. :)

##Committed to Building the Best Open Source Email Service

The team behind your open source email service

At Tutanota we are a passionate team of privacy and open source advocates.

While we are always on the lookout for developers to join our team, we grow sustainably. We want to make sure that everyone joining our team is as passionate about privacy and open source as we are.

With the entire team sharing our vision of a private and secure Internet, it is much easier to prioritize development steps such as publishing the Android app on F-Droid.

Open Source to improve security

Going open source was one of the most important steps for our secure email service Tutanota. Publishing the Tutanota code on GitHub shortly after our initial release of Tutanota, gave us a great push back in 2014 because many people started building the Tutanota client locally.

Since most people being active on Github are developers themselves, they gave us very valuable feedback on how to improve Tutanota and its security.

We want many more people to watch our code and to build it locally. We are convinced that it is crucial for any secure email service that the community digs deep into the code to further improve its security.

Open Source since 2014

After our open source release in September 2014, we have added many improvements to Tutanota. We have implemented DANE support, which immensely enhances the security of SSL. We have build an Android and an iOS app, and published these as open source apps as well.

We would have loved to add our open source Android app on F-Droid right then as well. Unfortunately, as described above this was not possible at the time so we focused on improving the Tutanota email client and the app features. However, we know that many of our users do not want to use Google - for a very good reason - so we made the app available on our website as well.

We were able to publish the apps around Christmas 2014, and it was a great feeling receiving so many thank-you emails at this time of the year! Only a few months later, we added an extended version of Tutanota for only €1 per month, which is constantly growing in features. This now enables us to keep Tutanota running independently.

Join our open source translation project

Shortly after the open source release, we also started a translation project for Tutanota. By now around 180 volunteers have joined us and translated Tutanota into more than 30 languages. This support is simply amazing!

It shows us that a secure email alternative is needed around the world, particularly in countries where people lack freedom of expression and a right to privacy. We are constantly adding languages to Tutanota, and we are happy about everyone who wants to join the Tutanota translation project.

Many features coming to your open source email service

We have planned many more features to improve your open source email service. We are very happy about all the feedback and all the votes we receive in our feedback forum so that we can decide better what features to prioritize.

Check here what features we have already implemented and what will come in the future.

Happy encrypting!