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Tutanota for Open Source Projects.

Giving back to open source teams with free Tutanota accounts.

2022-01-07 / First published: 2021-09-27
Picture of Tutanota team members taken on Free Software Day.
We at Tutanota love open source. Lots of open source projects are developed and maintained by open source enthusiasts like ourselves. Now we want to give back and help open source teams to be more productive and secure.

Why we love open source

Open source guarantees security

Open source guarantees that no one can hide an encryption backdoor in the code. That's why we have published the entire client code - web client, Android & iOS apps, desktop clients - under GPLv3 on GitHub.

Only with open source, tech-savvy people can audit the code and verify that Tutanota is doing what we promise: Protecting your private data to the maximum.

Plus, open source enables other projects like F-Droid and Linux distributions to build the Tutanota app themselves making the need to trust us redundant.

Tutanota for free

Are you working on an open source project and looking for a secure mailbox for your team? Then apply for Tutanota Premium for free!

Please send us an email with the following information from your official GitHub email address or from your (custom domain) email address that is linked to your project's website:

  • Project name
  • A short description of your project
  • A link to your project's website


To apply, you need to be a project lead or a core contributor for an open source project that is at least 30 days old and actively maintained.

Open source projects need to use a standard open source license and must be non-commercial. Your project should not have paid support or pay contributors. If you or your company work on commercial projects, the business version of Tutanota will suit you perfectly.

What you'll get

  • You'll receive one renewable year of Tutanota Premium for as many users as you need.
  • You can manage all of your teams' mailboxes and calendars encrypted in Tutanota.
  • You can use the Tutanota apps on all devices — Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and web.
  • Your free subscription can be renewed every year if your project still meets the requirements with a quick email.
  • The Tutanota package consists of the following features:
    • 1 GB storage
    • Multiple custom domains
    • Unlimited search
    • Multiple calendars
    • 5 aliases
    • Inbox rules
    • Support via email
    • Autoresponder
    • Event invites
    • Share calendars (Sharing feature can be added)

We'll review all requests and accept them at our discretion. Good luck! 😀

Check here how we have succeeded to build open source email apps that work completely without any Google dependencies.

Open source projects

We are proud to support the following open source teams with the Tutanota software donation:

AOSP Krypton



Burning Series Enhancer


Garuda Linux

Go template

Manim Community