Encryption for All Mails: Tutanota Uses DANE on Top of SSL and PFS

Your connection to Tutanota is protected with SSL/PFS and DANE. The DANE protocol effectively protects against MITM attacks and should be implemented by all email providers.

We've already explained how you can easily verify that your connection to the Tutanota website is secure with a DANE browser plugin. In addition you can verify our SSL certificate. Our SSL fingerprints (valid until 26.09.2016) are:

SHA1 fingerprint: AD:6F:06:B1:39:30:CF:86:80:D2:9C:D4:FD:87:20:FB:7D:CD:6D:8C

SHA-256 fingerprint: 16:D2:8B:90:C6:71:53:D6:25:4C:8C:05:A1:1F:4C:5E:4F:4B:76:4D:0B:1B:53:D8:C9:E1:D6:E0:11:9C:9B:12

Note: These fingerprints are valid for app.tutanota.de and tutanota.de.

You can check these fingerprints by clicking on the log symbol to the left of the URL within your browser.

In Chrome: Go to Connection, click on Certificate Information. In Details, show All and scroll down.

In Firefox: Click on More Information. Click on Security and View Certificate.

In IE: Click on View Certificates. In Details, show All and scroll down.

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Hanna makes Tutanota come to life. Her credo: Every one of us has the right to express any idea freely, or to keep it secret. Encryption is a great tool to achieve the latter.

Posted on: 2015-04-29