How-to for Your Secure Mail Service

Tutanota is a secure mail service with Android and iOS apps, all available for free. It can be used intuitively across all devices. Nevertheless, with a rapidly growing number of users, the how-to requests are also increasing. Here, we want to explain how to use Tutanota in detail, including the easiest steps like sending an email.

This is the how-to for the old Tutanota mail client at Here you can find the how-to for our new mail client.

Main menu

You can access all important functions of Tutanota via the main menu.

Tutanota top menu bar

  • The menu items 'Emails', 'Contacts', 'Premium' and 'Settings' are explained further down.

  • If you click on 'Invite' a pre-written mail in Tutanota opens, which you may use to invite your friends to join Tutanota. Please do so! :)

  • If you click on 'Community', our website opens here in another tab and you can check out how you can take part in our open source project. We are happy about everyone joining us.

  • If you click on 'Logout', you log out. Please note: If you have previously saved the password, you are now logged out, but the password is still saved. To 'unsave' the password, please log out and directly log in again without ticking 'save password'. Then the browser will stop logging you in automatically.


Depending on the width of your browser Tutanota allows you to view your folder list, your mail list, and the selected mail.

Mail folders
To the left are mail folders, next to it the mail list.

  • You can drag & drop mails to these folders. In the Tutanota app you can move a mail left, and it goes to Trash. If you move a mail right, it goes to Archive.

  • You can use multi-select on desktop (press ctrl while selecting and deselecting specific mails) and mobile. You can move all selected mails with drag & drop to another folder or you can click on 'Move' or 'Delete' at the top menu bar.

  • To add folders, please choose the main folder you want to add a sub-folder to. Then click on 'Edit' and 'Add'. You are prompted with a dialog that allows you to name this folder.

  • To edit this folder later on, click on the folder and then on 'Edit'. You can 'Rename' this folder, or 'Delete' it.

  • Please note: If you delete a folder all mails are immediately moved to trash. Make sure to have selected the right folder before hitting 'Delete'.

  • If you are in the 'Trash' folder and click 'Edit' and 'Delete' all mails are physically deleted from trash. For this you can also choose 'Delete all' in Trash. A physical delete means that these mails can never be restored, not by you, not by us. They are wiped from our servers.

  • Spam folder: Tutanota automatically puts suspected spam into this folder. If you delete a mail from this folder, it does not go to Trash, but it is immediately deleted. You can also manage a black- and whitelist for your mail account to improve spam handling. Please go to 'Settings' → 'Spam rules'. You will find all details on how to configure these lists in our support forum here.

Push notifications

  • Tutanota allows you to receive push notifications via its Android and iOS apps. Push will be sent to your phone even if you are not logged in.

  • You can also allow your browser to send push notifications for Tutanota in your browser settings, but only when your are logged in.

Mail menu

Mail menu items
When you select a mail, these options show up to its top.

  • These menu items are rather self-explanatory.

  • If you click on 'Move' you can move the selected mail to any of the given folders or you can export it as .eml-file.

  • You can also move a mail with drag & drop in a browser or with sliding left and right in our apps.

  • If the browser and the app do not sync, you need to log out once. Upon logging in again, the app syncs automatically.

  • If you want to print a mail as pdf, you can use the browser function for printing.

Sending of mails

Write a mail
In Tutanota you can send any mail end-to-end encrypted.

  • Once you enter a mail address in the 'To'-field, the 'Confidential'-button appears. Click on it to send this mail not end-to-end encrypted. You may also switch the default to not-encrypted in 'Settings'. Mails to other Tutanota users are always end-to-end encrypted; there is no option to disable this.

  • External recipients of an end-to-end encrypted mail receive a notification mail from your Tutanota mail address. You can choose the language of this notification mail on the right. Here you also enter the 'Agreed password', which you need to share with your recipient via a different channel.

  • You can click on the arrow in the 'To' field to enlarge/reduce the options shown. After enlarging it, you can enter Cc- and Bcc-recipients. If you have added an alias in 'Settings', you can also change the mail address you want to send from (select an alias) under 'Sender'.

  • You can attach files by clicking on 'Attach file' or by using drag & drop.

  • You can write your mail like you are used to from other webmail services. When you click on 'Send', Tutanota automatically encrypts subject, body and attachments for you.

Managing contacts

Contact list

  • Each time you send a mail to a new mail address, this address is automatically saved to 'Contacts'.

  • In 'Contacts' you have the option to 'Edit' and 'Delete' existing contacts.

  • You can also add 'New contacts'. When you create a contact you can enter all necessary information (see screenshot below).

  • If new contacts are not automatically sorted alphabetically, you can log out and log in. Contacts are sorted according to their last name.

  • Your entire address book is encrypted, thus, no one can access your contact database stored in Tutanota.

Create a contact
This screenshot shows only a part of all the options given in Tutanota.

Upgrade to Premium

Click on 'Premium' in the top menu bar or on 'Settings' → 'Upgrade to Premium' to upgrade.

By upgrading to Premium you can easily support our fight for privacy.

  • You can upgrade as a 'Private' person or as a 'Business' user. This distinction is mainly necessary for taxing reasons.

  • You can choose to pay 'Yearly' or 'Monthly'. Paying yearly gives you a reduction worth two months compared to paying monthly. This is due to the reason that we have to pay the payment provider for each transaction. We prefer to lower the costs for you by having only one transaction per year.

  • Click on 'Continue' to enter your payment details.

  • If you have started out with a monthly subscription but would like to change to yearly, please contact us. We can change this for you. A manual change within your settings will be available in a couple of months.

Payment details
After clicking continue you are prompted with this dialog.

  • As a private person you only need to enter your country of residence (for taxing reasons) as well as your payment method for invoicing. You need to 'Add' your payment data in a second tab (see screenshot below), then you can click 'Continue'.

  • As a business customer you need to enter a VAT number (for taxing reasons), an invoicing address, and your payment method for invoicing.

  • After clicking on 'Continue' another tab opens. Here you can enter your payment data.

Credit card

  • Here you enter your payment data and click on 'Confirm'.

  • Congratulations! Now you are using Tutanota as a Premium customer.

  • After upgrading the top menu bar reduces to 'Emails', 'Contacts', 'Settings' and 'Logout'. The menu option 'Upgrade to Premium' changes to 'Payment data'.

Payment data
Here you can update your payment data.

Settings (left column)

As Tutanota grows in functionality, more options are being added to Settings. Please browse this section in Tutanota to get to know all options Tutanota offers.

User info
User 'Info' shows you several info items on your Tutanota account.

  • You can check your mail address and your registered aliases.

  • All mails you send are being sent with your 'Sender name'.

  • 'Last successful login' and 'Failed login' lets you check whether someone else tried to access your Tutanota account.

Change password
You can change your password in a browser (not in the apps).

  • To change your password, you need to enter your old password first. Please write the new password down carefully; we can't reset it.

Mail info

  • Under 'Email' you can change the default sender for all mails.

  • You can also choose if mails should be sent 'Confidential' (=end-to-end encrypted) by default or not. For sending not end-to-end encrypted untick 'Confidential'.

  • Here you can customize your signature. Please also keep our default to convince all your friends of Tutanota.

Inbox Rules
Inbox Rules is a Premium feature in Tutanota.

  • Inbox rules enables you to automatically send new mails to a specified folder by defining a sender's or recipient's mail address or domain. You can also use keywords in the subject field to have the mails go to a specified folder.

You can manage the devices that should receive push notifications for your Tutanota account.

  • Once you have logged into Tutanota via the Tutanota app, you receive push notifications to this mobile device. In Settings you can delete devices that should no longer receive push for your account.

User management
As Premium user you can add aliases and additional users.

  • In 'User management' you can add and change your 'Name' that is being sent along with your mails.

  • As a Premium user you can add aliases to your main user. For adding aliases, we recommend that you login with our new mail client as we have immensely simplified the adding of aliases in the new client. Please note: You can not delete Tutanota aliases, only deactivate them. You can delete custom domain aliases and replace them with new ones.

  • As a Premium administrator (the one who originally upgraded to Premium) you can add additional users and administrators to your account by clicking on 'Add users' or by clicking on 'Import users' via a CSV file. You can deactivate users, but not delete them. We will make it possible to delete custom domain users soon.

  • Please note: Each user gets their own mailbox and login so each user costs extra. If you simply want to add another mail address, you can also add it as an alias which is included.

All administrators can reset passwords of all users and admins registered in their account.

  • To give another user admin status, click on this user, tick 'Admin' and 'Save'. Please note: All administrators have the same admin rights, including resetting passwords of all users and other administrators registered in the same account.

  • You can 'Deactivate' users. Deactivated users are not charged with the next invoicing period, but can be activated again if needed.

Only Premium users can customize this message.

  • As a Premium user you can customize the message displayed at the top of Tutanota when external recipients open your end-to-end encrypted mails. You can enter your company name or any other short text.

  • Being a Premium user also allows you to add a custom logo to this message.

  • For free users sending encrypted mails to externals, this message always reads 'This version of Tutanota is a service for private users.' and cannot be changed.

Spam Rules

  • Spam Rules allow you to configure a whitelist and a blacklist to mark sender's mail addresses or domains as 'No spam' or 'Always spam'. You can also automatically 'Discard' mails from specific senders without them being notified.

  • You can find more info on spam rules here.


  • From time to time we offer promotions via Social Media. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ if you want to grab one! Here you can enter a promotion code to increase your mailbox size or to get extra aliases.

  • You can add and activate one or more custom domains for Tutanota. Before this you need to configure your DNS records.

  • You can configure catch-all for your custom domain.

Storage capacity

  • Under 'Storage capacity' you can check the storage capacity.

  • As a Premium user you can then directly add bigger storage packages that are shared among all users belonging to this Tutanota account.

Mail aliases

  • Under 'Email aliases' you can check how many aliases you have activated.

  • As a Premium user you can then directly add bigger alias packages that are shared among all users belonging to this Tutanota account.

Premium users can check their Payment data (screenshot under section Premium) and Invoices.

  • You can update your payment data anytime in Tutanota.

  • You can check your invoices and download them. Currently downloading of invoices is only supported in a browser.


  • Here you can delete your Free account.

  • Combine several Tutanota accounts: You need to upgrade your main Tutanota account to Premium first. When deleting the second (third, fourth, etc.) mail account you enter the mail address of your Premium account under 'Unsubscribe. After deletion you can enter the deleted mail address as an alias in your Premium Tutanota account.

  • As a Premium user you can unsubscribe from Premium here and continue using Tutanota as a free account.

  • Please note: Your account will continue as a Premium account until the end of your chosen invoicing period. Currently you have to deactivate all users before you can downgrade, but you can keep using your aliases.

  • Once you have downgraded, it is currently not possible to upgrade the account again. This will be possible in a couple of months.

  • Please note: When your Premium subscription runs out, all previously created Tutanota-users and Tutanota-aliases will be deactivated. To activate theses addresses, please upgrade again.

Hidden Features


  • You can show the mail header by pressing Ctrl+h.

  • If the technical sender is different than the from header, Tutanota warns you about this (see image). The differing headers could also be a sign that this mail is coming from a scammer.